2017 Gibson USA Line

Les Paul

The spotlight is up for Gibson’s exciting 2017 USA lineup and the new Les Paul electric guitars are ready to take the stage with authority! These instruments are the result of extensive modern research, build materials of the highest quality, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to the highest levels of detail. Their Traditional (T) configurations get right to the point, maintaining the familiar comforts that have always been a Gibson trademark. Their High-Performance (HP) guitars are specifically geared to push performance with technological improvements in tuning, electronics, and hardware. For guitar players looking to get into a new professional electric, a new 2017 Gibson Les Paul is the way to go and AMS is ready and waiting to help you get your hands on the one calling your name!


Rock and blues never sounded this good! The 2017 collection of Gibson’s infamous Traditional (T) double cutaways centers on the effortless playability and comfort up and down the instrument, all while consistently remaining true to its characteristic tone. The High-Performance (HP) series SG highlights the instrument’s agility and quickness, with a modified adjustable titanium zero-fret nut and locking Tune-o-Matic bridge ready to help you unleash powerful licks. After all, it’s about further improving the characteristics that have made the SG such a driving force and the preferred choice of so many guitarists worldwide.


One look at the smooth curves and distinct blueprint of legendary designer Ray Dietrich’s timeless concept and you won’t believe it has been around for over 50 years! When you add in the distinct growl of mini-humbuckers and tonal palette all of its own, the 2017 Traditional (T) Gibson Firebird is a true embodiment of the best design attributes - an homage to the day the forward-thinking guitar was released. The 2017 high-performance (HP) Firebird is matched with the best new modernizations that elevate this guitar’s performance to new heights. The importance of quality design in sight and sound has never been higher than it is today and the Firebird’s unique aesthetic, timeless feel, and powerful sound are ready to exceed expectation.


When it comes to making a memorable impression, the new 2017 Gibson Explorers can’t be topped! Fueled by their continued success and an enduring legacy, these guitars proclaim their presence with an intensity and unrivaled confidence. The Traditional (T) Explorer is a versatile rock machine, ready to handle your searing lead lines and driving rhythms. With a new, more efficient layout of its bridge hardware and researched improvements to enhance an already robust tone, the new High-Performance (HP) Explorer is a superior instrument ready to turn heads and make a defining musical statement. Guitarists take notice: Sharp, angular, and powerful is the way of the Explorer!

Flying V

2017 is primed to be a banner year for the historic symbol of hard rock and heavy metal! The new traditional (T) Gibson Flying V is all about fine-tuned performance elements and bringing out the characteristics of its fiery humbucking pickups and distinctive mahogany body and setup. Stepping into a High-Performance (HP) gives you a modern upgrade to the instrument that has always delivered under the most demanding rock requirements in any circumstance. Improved G-Force™ tuners meet the needs of players who demand accuracy and need to shift tunings quickly while the modified neck is all about enhancing the feel of shred-worthy solos. Whether you go Traditional or High-Performance, this new 2017 Gibson Flying V will hold true to its trademark - durability, stability, and raw sonic energy!