Meet the Ibanez Family

Ibanez is a huge musical family of guitars, basses, and effects, complete with monumental achievers, colorful characters and absolutely no member that settles for ordinary! Here at AMS, we have a massive selection of their six-string electrics, powerhouse metal guitars with seven, eight, and nine strings, electric basses, acoustics, and iconic effects. With our 0% interest monthly payment plans, getting your new Ibanez will be fast, convenient, and incredibly easy! Don’t forget, at AMS you’re automatically Pre-Approved for our incredible 3-pay plan on Ibanez styles fit exactly for you! They’re all here and we’re glad to highlight all of the incredible groups of instruments that make up the Ibanez Family!

6-String Electric Guitars

From their distinct, highly recognizable RG-series to the long-scale RGD-series metal machines, all the way to the cutting-edge look of the S-series – Ibanez boasts FOURTEEN distinct electric guitar lines. Simply put, it’s one of the most diverse collections of instruments out there! After picking out the style that calls you by name, Ibanez offers three specific builds that are tailored to suit your needs in an instrument. Prestige instruments are driven by traditional Japanese workmanship that emphasizes precision, performance, and playability. Iron Label instruments channel metal to their very cores, specifically built and modified to play menacing passages with lightning speed. Looking for an electric guitar that is immediately ready to rock with true reliability and durability? Ibanez Standard instruments are the way to go at an absolutely wonderful price! Some of the world’s best guitarists swear to Ibanez - with signature models incorporating striking design, eye-catching finishes, and setups that bring their preferred look and feel to your hands.

7, 8, and 9-String Electric Guitars

While the earliest seven-string guitars date back hundreds of years to the nylon-string classical and hollowbody jazz realms, it was Ibanez who unleashed the very first production seven-string solidbody upon the guitar world. Now the standard for electric guitars with more than six strings, Ibanez has since gone on to develop revolutionary new eight and nine-string guitars. Ibanez Multi Scale models introduce a new take on fret positioning to fully take advantage of the natural tendencies of the hands moving up and down the neck for increased comfort, agility, and a more open sound. When you listen to progressive rock or the many subgenres of metal and hear the incredibly detailed passages that showcase extreme technical artistry, it becomes incredibly clear why an Ibanez guitar from this special group is truly fitting. These instruments increase the range of playability most commonly in the high end, giving the soloist more flexibility.

Hollowbody Guitars

With appointments that draw from a number of vintage and modern influences, Ibanez hollowbody electrics capture the essence of jazz and blues. The ARTSTAR line is all about authenticity - showcasing a pure, resonant tone that brings the spirit of improvisation and personal stylings to life, while the Artcore models bring you all of the character and sophistication of a performance hollowbody guitar at a price point you never thought possible! With signature series offerings in collaboration with heavyweight artists George Benson, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, and Eric Krasno, you’re getting an Ibanez guitar that can adapt to the entire spectrum of jazz styles.


Twenty-five years ago, the Ibanez SR-series electric bass introduced players to the comfort of modern touch paired with streamlined versatility. Today, Ibanez basses can dial in the pure, commanding low end you crave and look the part with incredibly distinct designs and builds. TEN amazing series of Ibanez bass are waiting for you - along with a choice between the flagship Prestige, the performance Premium, and the workhouse Standard builds. This means that there is a bass setup for absolutely everyone covering whatever situation and price works best for you.

Acoustic Guitars

Ninety years ago, the acoustic guitar was the starting point for Ibanez in the music world and today there truly is an Ibanez instrument for everyone! Are you an adult who has always wanted to learn how to play guitar? The Ibanez Artwood series covers all body shapes and sizes, giving you the option to choose between solid Sitka spruce, and mahogany tops. For beginner students (ages 7 and up) or anyone looking for a second instrument to serve as a trusty, rugged travel guitar, 3/4-scale and full-sized Dreadnought Ibanez Jam Packs are a great starting point! If you’re looking to perform technical, fingerstyle melodies, enjoy the culture of history’s earliest guitarists, or aim to take modern guitar music in a different direction, then an Ibanez classical will hit the mark. You are automatically Pre-Approved for the AMS 0% interest, 3-payment plan on EVERY SINGLE Ibanez acoustic, acoustic-electric, and nylon string guitar that we carry! No matter what style of music you’re interested in playing, an Ibanez can be in your hands quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.


Found in performance setups around the world, the iconic Ibanez Tube Screamer pedals have helped shape the tone of the guitar for decades. Their trademark sounds have appeared on hundreds of albums, guiding the rise of alternative and grudge while furthering the evolution of rock. Ibanez pedals are at the core of quality performance and affordable price point, making a Tube Screamer an incredible investment for both advancing players and professionals looking to rediscover that classic sound. Consistently dedicated to expanding their palette of distinctive sounds, Ibanez wahs, delays, and flangers take center stage along with the new line of MINI series pedals that give you true 100% analog delay, chorus, or metal distortion at an incredible price!