Blemished Gear Sale!

AMS and Loudwire present the gear of Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy’s career is like an encyclopedia entry for metal music. From Dream Theater to Adrenaline Mob, Portnoy has been part of some of the largest bands in the metal genre. When Avenge Sevenfold needed a fill in drummer, they called Portnoy. When Twisted Sister lost their drummer, Portnoy was there to help that band end their career on a high note. His two current bands, Sons of Apollo and The Winery Dogs are both supergroups and are a who’s who of metal and hard rock. Throughout his career, his bands may have changed but the brands that power his sound have not. For over 30 years Portnoy has relied on Tama drums and Sabian cymbals. If you look at his forearm, you will see that their partnership is with him for life. He has both brands tattooed. Check out the gear that powers Mike Portnoy.