Introducing the 2018 line of Gibson guitars!

Whether you’re a long-term Gibson lover or have been wanting that first Gibson of your very own, the time has finally arrived - American Musical Supply now has the new 2018 Gibson American-made electric and acoustic guitars in stock and ready to ship! There are 56 new instruments for 2018, sporting a wide variety of gorgeous tops, finishes, inlays and hardware. But make no mistake - all of Gibson’s divisions have remained faithful to the historic characteristics of their respective models, while painstakingly researching new design and build techniques that have actually enabled them to improve upon the legend. A legend that you can see, hear, feel, and play - and by taking advantage of AMS’s 0% Interest Payment Plans - a legend that you can own today!

They’re here and in stock at AMS! We welcome the 2018 lineup of Gibson American-made electric and acoustic guitars, the newest from all of Gibson’s iconic divisions! Here are the new Les Pauls, SGs, Firebirds, Explorers, and Flying Vs, the ES Memphis line, acoustics, and custom shop models, and. An AMS 0% interest monthly payment plan, including 12-pay on eligible models, makes it easier than ever to get one of these new dream instruments!


Gibson USA solid body electrics have long dominated the look and sound of modern music, and the 2018 Les Pauls, SGs, Explorers, Firebirds, and Flying Vs are poised to continue that trend. Choose from the radical, yet enduring lines of a 1950’s-designed Flying V or Explorer; the punch and sustain of the iconic Les Paul model (first introduced in 1952); the lightweight body and super-fast action of the SG (originally intended to replace the Les Paul in 1961); or the upper-midrange bite and smooth contours of a Firebird (debuted in 1963). You’ll no doubt find a model here that suits your style both sonically and esthetically, as well as the inspiration to take your music to a higher plane. And with the wide variety of new, exciting colors introduced for 2018 - Worn Bourbon Fade, Smokehouse Burst, Blood Orange Fade, among many others - you’ll look as good as you sound.


The Gibson Memphis line of hollow body and semi-hollow body guitars is sure to evoke the Blues, Country and Jazz legends of yore, while 2018 upgrades to the esteemed ES-Series bring these beloved instruments to an even greater level of presentation, comfort and playability. Whether it’s Gibson’s dead-on reproduction of their first semi-hollow body electric (the 1958 ES-335 VOS), a 1965 ES-330, a BB King Lucille, a hybrid-design ES Les Paul model, or one of more than 50 other ES-Series variations, you’ll enjoy the warm tone and supreme playability that the Memphis Division is renowned for without the excess weight of a solid body guitar. But whether ES-Series guitars have always spoken for you — or if you’ve finally decided the time is right to reward yourself - you’ll love the 2018 Gibson Memphis models, including the ES-275 Custom Archtop in Sunset Burst, the ES-330 Hollow Body in Sunset Burst, and five new ES-335 instruments with highly-figured tops and gorgeous finishes.


Gibson Acoustic has always blended handcrafted detail with cutting-edge innovation, creating a series of modern guitars and mandolins that pay homage to their esteemed heritage. Here you’ll find the spirits of Woody Guthrie (1945 Southern Jumbo), Elvis Presley (1956 J-200), and Bill Monroe (1923 F-5) converging with those of modern-era artists such Sheryl Crow (Hummingbird), Brad Paisley (J-45) and Sam Bush (F-9). But not satisfied to sit on their laurels, they’ve just added nine new models for 2018! You’ll find breathtaking variations of their storied J-15, J-45, SJ-200, Parlor, and Hummingbird models, including the J-45 Cutaway Acoustic-Electric in Walnut Burst, and a sublime Hummingbird A/E with rosewood back and sides in Antique Natural; plus a cutaway Parlor A/E, also with sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides. As always with Gibson Acoustic guitars, you’ll experience the exquisite resonance and well-balanced tone that can only be produced by solid tops, backs, sides, and necks sculpted of the finest quality tonewoods. Consider also the remarkably stunning visual appointments, and you’ll own a finely-crafted musical instrument that’s guaranteed to inspire for a lifetime.

Custom Shop

Want that Gibson model in a special color? How about a hotter set of pickups? Perhaps you have an appreciation of dazzlingly ornate inlays. Anything goes when it comes to Gibson’s Custom Shop division - or you can just go with the same options as your favorite guitarist by choosing their signature model. Either way, you’ll own a beautifully-designed and expertly-crafted Gibson electric or acoustic guitar based on a revered classic, but one that also projects your own style and voice. All Gibson Custom Shop Guitars are thoroughly researched for historical accuracy and designed with impeccable attention to detail before being hand-built and carefully fine-tuned - making your guitar as unique as your music!