Your Music, Your Novation

Novation unveiled its best Ableton-centric grid controllers and keyboards to date - designed to inspire you to push your creativity. Find out how they will enhance your music making experience...

Launchpad Pro

Launchpad Pro

Launchpad Pro is the advanced, pro version of Novation's beloved Ableton Live grid controller. Featuring RGB LEDs, velocity/pressure sensitive pads, and advanced performance modes, it arms music makers with exciting new creative tools. Use Note Mode to play the grid like a chromatic keyboard. Connect its built-in MIDI I/O to easily control external hardware. The possibilities are endless. 3 Payments of $100.00 Buy Now $299.99


Launchpad MK2

Launchpad is Novation's iconic Ableton Live controller. It controls Live with unparalleled ease - a tangible and intuitive extension of your software. Now improved with RGB backlit pads, capable of producing the colors of the rainbow to match your clips in session view, the new Launchpad features better-than-ever integration with Live. Buy Now $169.99


Launchkey MK2

Our new Launchkey models are the essential keyboard controllers for Ableton Live. Available in 25, 49, and 61-key sizes, Launchkeys feature two rows of RGB backlit Launchpad-style pads as well as a host of controls that seamlessly integrate with Ableton Live's grid, instruments, effects and mixer. Shop Now