Ernie Ball Paradigm – The most advanced guitar strings known to man!

What do you get when you pair the trademark tone of Ernie Ball strings with the newest technology that pushes the boundaries of what a guitar string can be? The answer is the revolutionary Ernie Ball PARADIGM – new, long-lasting guitar strings that are stronger and more durable than ever without compromising sound and feel. The new Paradigm line includes a full complement of gauges for Electric Guitar as well as Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze strings for Acoustic Guitar.

This new Ernie Ball technology is truly state-of-the-art! The Paradigm wrap wire uses an exclusive plasma-enhanced process to eliminate defects and improve the resistance to corrosion that occurs from exposure to moisture and the natural oils from your fingers. Next, Ernie Ball’s patented Everlast nanotechnology is applied, further increasing longevity without using any sort of tone-nullifying coating on the strings. The incredible engineering that goes into every package of Ernie Ball Paradigm strings is all about one thing: They work hard so you can focus on the thing that matters most - playing your guitar!

These Paradigms are reinforced for dramatically increased tensile strength (resistance of the strings under tension) and fatigue strength (stress from withstanding repetitive cycles of regular playing use). So bring on your performances that include string bends, strong tremolos, and heavy strumming –Paradigm strings are ready for whatever you’re going throw at them! Ernie Ball stands behind Paradigm strings with a fully-backed guarantee. If your strings break or rust within 90 days of purchase, Ernie Ball will replace them!*

*Visit the Ernie Ball website for the replacement guarantee terms and conditions.

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