Complete Recording Rigs For Any Level of Artist

Complete Recording Rigs For Any Level of Musician

In this age of modern music, the dependence on multi-million dollar studios and their horde of massive consoles and expensive gear is becoming increasingly rare. With technology continuing to get more portable and more powerful, professional records are being produced in dedicated home studios on a regular basis. Are you ready to record and get your music out there? Are you thinking ahead to even bigger goals? AMS has every recording engineer in mind, whether you’re composing and recording in a bedroom, in rehearsals, or are looking to get into the business of starting your own professional music studio. AMS has carefully selected and bundled just the right gear for your musical ambitions.

Basic Standalone

Beginner Standalone

If you’re looking for a compact, easy-to-use recording setup that gives you flexibility and portability without needing a computer, this standalone rig has the power to record, mix, edit, and transfer a finished audio project out through a USB connection. The Tascam DP-03SD Digital Portastudio can record two channels simultaneously and has the storage capacity to stack this recorded material into a total of eight channels. This is an ideal way to start recording music at home or with a band in a rehearsal space. You can set up and transport this gear very quickly and easily, which means less time worrying and more time to focus on creating. This bundle includes a versatile AudioTechnica AT2020 condenser microphone, tripod microphone stand, pop filter, and studio headphones - everything you’ll need to get recording immediately at a great price.

Basic Computer

Beginner Computer

For the aspiring producer and recording engineer, this beginning package turns any computer into a complete studio! Centered on the Presonus AudioBox USB 96 computer interface, pair of JBL 305P MKII studio monitor speakers, and a pair of excellent microphones (the Nady CM88 and Tascam TM80), this rig provides all the hardware to capture and playback great sounding audio. Accessories are included, and that means headphones, mic stands, cables, and studio monitor essentials. Everything is bundled with PreSonus digital audio workstation (DAW) software "Studio One Artist," which comes loaded with production features and the capability to record and edit comprehensive audio sessions. For electronic musicians, the AudioBox serves as your soundcard and will connect with additional virtual instrument software, allowing you produce the music you want and to grow the possibilities of your studio layout.



With exciting new products meant to produce beautiful, professional level results on a more manageable budget, this collection is everything an experienced recording engineer is looking for! The Presonus Studio 192 computer interface gives you ultra-low latency recording and seamless connectivity to the most demanding software platforms through USB 3.0. An upgraded full version of Presonus “Studio One Professional” gives you a full-fledged digital workspace that goes beyond recording and editing to explore additional virtual instruments, effects, and customized parameters tailored to your preferences. Yamaha monitor speakers and the highly recommended industry-standard microphones from Rode and Shure will provide impeccable recording and playback quality. Also including the requisite headphones, cables, and microphone stands, this great rig is a perfect starting point for those building a dedicated home studio with ambitions of adding on new pieces of gear to further develop their setup.

Professional Grade


If you’re building a professional studio from the ground up and want a perfectly blended mixture of the highest quality hardware and software at your fingertips, this professional rig is second to none! The lightning-fast Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt interface and Avalon Recording Channel Strip paired with Pro Tools software and the Native Instruments Komplete bundle provide the most advanced control out there over recording and production applications. This incredible collection of microphones from Neumann, Shure, ElectroVoice, Sennheiser, and Audix are the absolute best in the business and address absolutely every vocal and instrumental recording situation you’ll encounter. Crystal-clear playback of your projects on Adam Audio studio monitor speakers and subwoofers will give you the most accurate representation of your mix in all frequency levels. And lastly, this collection of studio headphones, cables, microphone stands, and surface mounts combine functionality with quality construction to bring out the full potential of every single piece of this gear. You’re ready to go big - this amazing professional rig will form the cornerstone of a powerful studio and help you produce incredible results time and time again!