Meet the Roland Family

Every member of the Roland family is the result of dedicated technological research, artistic collaboration, and passionate service that helps people enjoy new creative experiences. Here at AMS, we have a massive selection of Roland’s feature-packed keyboards, electronic drums, AIRA synths and processors, digital recording tools and amplifiers. With our 0% interest monthly payment plans, getting a new Roland addition to your setup is fast, convenient, and incredibly easy!


When it comes to keyboards, Roland has absolutely everything covered for performers, producers, and programmers of all types. Their full line of stage instruments offer a realistic playing feel and give everyone access to authentic acoustic pianos, electric keyboards and organs to hundreds of symphonic, vocal, and electronic sounds . For the eager audio programmer, Roland’s collection of modular synths is a throwback to the era of patch cables, wild discoveries, and one-of-a-kind sounds. Be sure to check out their Limited Edition Boutique synth modules, which have been modeled after three of the most powerful vintage Roland analog synths ever created.


Designed to meet the constantly evolving needs of today’s electronic musicians, the Roland AIRA line of synthesizers, rhythmic step-sequencers, and processors bring a hands-on approach to your performances on stage and in the studio. Looking to the history of analog hardware for inspiration, AIRA products use Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) to create pulsing basslines, sweeping arpeggios and powerful lead lines standalone or synced with the world’s most popular software production environments. Play these live alongside other keyboards, transform your vocals, supplement your DJ setup, experiment with sonic creations in the studio - AIRA is a spark of in the world of modern music!


The amount of technology behind Roland’s fully-loaded V-Drums is simply staggering! These award-winning electronic drums take an acoustic feel and response and pair it with painstakingly detailed sound modules. This results in an electronic drum set that truly adapts to any performance situation! Customize the hyper-realistic sounds to your exact liking and connect to your computer through USB and MIDI for data backup and audio playback. Mix and match Roland hardware with an acoustic set to create a versatile stage powerhouse and take advantage of their software to assist in practice and sight-reading. With their hand percussion and sampling controllers along with the new amplified El Cajon, it’s obvious that Roland truly has thought of everything when it comes to modern sounding drums.


Compact, powerful, and ready to help you get the jump on your creative projects, Roland’s low-latency USB recording interfaces are compatible with the most popular digital audio workstation (DAW) software platforms on Mac and PC, showcase clean and easy-to-use design functionality, and are available with a variety of inputs and outputs. Roland’s line of portable digital recorders is ready to capture clear, detailed audio wherever you might be. Record song ideas when inspiration strikes, capture band rehearsals, and turn your environment into a recording studio!


Available in all shapes and sizes with options to suit any setup, Roland has a comprehensive set of PA systems and stage monitors for bands along with amplifiers for acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. Every Roland amp is specifically built to bring out the true character of the instrument paired with it, giving you a full, reliable sound every time you gear up to play. No matter your instrument of choice, know that innovative Roland technology brings new features and advances for players of all ages and abilities during practice, recording, and performance.