Studio Microphones
Stereo Microphones Stereo

Studio stereo microphones deliver an even more special listening experience. Stereo microphones are commonly used with drum kits, piano, guitar, special effects and more. Find stereo microphones from Audio Technica, Rode, MXL and more.

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Stereo Microphones
Stand Mount Condenser Mics Stand Mount
Condenser Mics

One of the most recognizable mics in the studio, the stand-mount condenser microphones are widely used on vocals as well as a myriad of instruments from acoustic guitar and piano to drums and electric guitars thanks to their incredible sonic accuracy. Find condenser microphones from AKG, Audio Technica, Shure, Rode and more.

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Stand Mount Condenser Microphones

USB Microphones USB Microphones

USB microphones offer the easiest way to get your sound into your computer. By connecting the microphone directly to the USB port on your computer, these mics make podcasts and other musical recordings more convenient that ever. Find USB microphones from Samson, Shure, Blue and more.

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Studio Microphones

Studio Microphones are an integral part of your sound. That’s why American Musical Supply carries a huge election of studio microphone so you are sure to find just the right microphone to expand your arsenal.

Dynamic Instrument Mics Dynamic Instrument Microphones

Studio dynamic mics are widely used on a number of sound sources including guitar amps, drums, horns, and bass guitars among others. Find dynamic mics from Shure, Sennheiser, Audix and more.

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Dynamic Instrument Microphones
Tube Microphones Tube

Studio tube microphones bring tonal warmth to your studio. Used on any sound source that could use a little character, you can find tube microphones from Rode, AKG, CAD and more.

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Tube Microphones

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Ribbon Microphones Ribbon Microphones

Studio ribbon microphones have a natural response that is commonly used on guitar amps, vocals and more. Find ribbon microphones from Shure, MXL, CAD and more.

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