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Turntable Buyers Guide 2022

Reloop RP8000 Hybrid Torque Turntable with MIDI Reloop RP8000 Hybrid Torque Turntable with MIDI
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There is a certain level of authenticity that comes with the usage of a turntable in a recording space and even more so in a performance capacity. The warm sound of vinyl is a welcomed addition to any setup. But much like any instrument or piece of gear there are so many to choose from. How do you determine which one is right for you? Well hopefully this will help you in selecting the right turntable for your setup.

Pioneer PLX1000 Professional Turntable Pioneer PLX1000 Professional Turntable
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With the resurgence of vinyl people are becoming more aware of how to store and maintain their collections. A huge part of maintenance is safeguarding against wear and tear. You want to be able to play your records over and over again while getting the absolute best quality so lets start with your needles. Your needles or stylus come in direct contact with your vinyl and they plug into your cartridge. These needle/cartridge combinations vary in size and weight. So if you’re going to be doing a lot of back cueing or scratching you want to choose a combination that will give you the type of stability you’ll need without having to tape a penny to your headshell. For those audiophiles looking to transfer their vinyl into a digital format for either archiving or production you’ll want to go with the type of needle that will give you optimum output picking up every nuance of the original recording.

Now when choosing a turntable you want to focus on the features that are key for your particular needs. Is this for performances, will I be doing a lot of scratching? Is this for sampling and archiving? Do I need a greater range for the speeds to play my vinyl? Will I need to play in reverse? How about a usb connection so I can record directly to my laptop.

Audio Technica ATLP120 USB Direct-Drive Pro Turntable Audio Technica ATLP120 USB Direct-Drive Pro Turntable
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No matter what the application is you want to be certain that you are purchasing a direct drive turntable as opposed to belt drive. Due to the belt drives response to repeated usage they’re more suited for a consumer. Belts stretch and wear down warping the sound of what is being played. For performance and studio situations you want a turntable that will give you the same reliable playback each time you need it.

There have been amazing innovations within the direct drive turntable market in the last 5 years that have made them increasingly more versatile. For instance the Reloop RP8000 is a perfect combination of the sturdy dependability of a direct drive with the addition of trigger pads that will allow you to access many different features across different dj performance programs. The Pioneer PLX-1000 represents the classic look and feel of the time tested Technic 1200 improved with additional tempo range and detachable audio and power cables. Now one of the key features of the Audio Technica ATLP is that it connects directly to your computer using a usb port. Archiving and sampling has never been made easier than it is with this turntable. Happy hunting and may your audio system improve with every addition.