When you want a good amp, it pays to go Bad: Bad Cat, that is!

Bad Cat makes some of the best boutique amps on the market. Meticulous engineering combined with simplified controls makes Bad Cat amps the go-to for anyone looking for a versatile and power-packed rig that sounds as unique as they are. And now, all that “bad” design can be yours from AMS.

American Musical Supply is proud to announce that we’re an official supplier of Bad Cat amplifiers!

Bad Cat amps: Everything you need; nothing you don’t

It’s easy to get inundated in features, control knobs, and switches when it comes to finding your perfect amp. It might take hours for you to dial in your perfect tone!

Bad Cat (opens in new tab) wants to change all that. They take innovative all-tube designs and add simplified controls to help players find their voice as quickly as possible. When you play a Bad Cat, the amp will never get in the way of your creativity.

In addition to simplified designs, Bad Cat amps deliver impressive tone and power with incredible clarity, dynamics, agility, and balance. They’re not interested in recreating the wheel; there are tons of amp companies using the same tried-and-true design methods. Bad Cat takes those methods and puts their own spin on them to create some truly unique and ultra-versatile amps that anyone can use.

The Bad Cat amp lineup

Bad Cat has a serious lineup of all-tube amplifiers made for serious players:

  • Jet Black – Bad Cat’s trademark sound pumped through a 34-watts of all-tube power.
  • Black Cat – A 20-watt baddie to bring incredible versatility to your setup with clean and high-gain channels available.
  • Cub – One channel, two gain modes, and unlimited possibilities from this small-but-mighty amplifier.
  • Lynx – Big gain with seven (yes seven) gain channels to dial in your perfect overdrive with incredible articulation and no noise.
  • Hot Cat – Two channels and two gain modes per channel brings complete tonal versatility to your rig when you’re ready to “turn up the heat.”

As if the amps themselves don’t offer enough versatility for you, every Bad Cat amp comes in both head + cab and combo models, so you can pick the setup that works best for you. Mix-and-match head and cab or go straight for an all-in-one stage-rattling box, the choice is yours!

All Bad Cat amps are meticulously designed and built in Costa Mesa, California to ensure the highest quality standards the and the absolute best tone.

Get your Bad Cat amp at AMS

Bad Cat amps are designed to sound unique, so you can sound like yourself. And we’re incredibly excited that AMS is now your go-to source for anything and everything Bad Cat. See how a Bad Cat can change your sound. And remember: It pays to go Bad!

Enter the den and shop Bad Cat amplifiers, now at American Musical Supply.