From the year it was founded in 1964, Bose has been the unmatched leader for sound systems because of the innovations that it has introduced in the field of sound technology. Today's most acclaimed innovation is the Bose PA Systems L1 series. This series merges PA and monitors into a portable line array system which has refined the quality of live sound, produced through its proprietary Bose technology.

Bose L1 Model II System Single Bass Package

The sleek design of the Bose L1 Model II System Single Bass Package is one of the reasons why many musicians and performers prefer this over conventional PA systems. But don't let the lightweight and slim look fool you into thinking that it does not have the same power as ordinary speakers. With Bose's proprietary technology, this system delivers amplified sound that has exceptional quality, without the unnecessary reverberations.

The single bass system includes one B1 bass module, powerful amplifiers integrated in the power stand which has retractable legs, cylindrical loudspeakers, cords, cables, slip covers and carrying bags. It's an all-in-one package that is easy to set-up and is conveniently portable.

At merely 24 pounds, the power stand is not only easy to transport, but it is also highly functional. The single bass module that comes with the system ensures a strong bass that can produce clear low notes of musical instruments.

Bose L1 Model II Double Bass PA System

Because it is lightweight at only 24 pounds, the Bose L1 Model II Double Bass PA System is the ideal choice for parties and other social functions. It can easily be assembled and transported with its 4 retractable legs. The system is composed of cylindrical top and bottom loudspeakers, 2 bass modules, power stand, cords, carrying bags and slip covers. Each component looks elegant, yet simple to operate, well protected with padded bags that allow easy and safe transport.

Quality is an essential trait of all Bose PA systems. Even with its relatively small size, the sound produced by the Boss L1 Model II Double Bass PA system is of excellent quality that it could easily make a huge room come alive. A more consistent sound is produced that even people who may be quite a distance from the stage speakers would still be able to enjoy distinct, high quality sound.

Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array System

Gone are the days of conventional sound systems that come with bulky monitors and complicated mixers. Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array System has a unique vertical design that is easy to assemble, transport and operate. It produces a clear, consistent sound even in venues that can accommodate 300-500 people. A cylindrical speaker that comes with 6 smaller PA speakers is designed to equally distribute sound within 180 degrees coverage. The power stand is a space saver, yet so powerful with its built-in mixer, power amplifier and bass speaker.

The system is highly portable and can be assembled in a few minutes. Lightweight yet powerful, Bose L1 Compact system is the best choice for both indoor and outdoor gigs.

These are just three of Bose’s innovative sound technology products. Its name is its guarantee, which is why many musicians and other performers trust Bose’s line of PA systems.

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