For music connoisseurs, acoustic gurus and those who value the essence of clear sound, a good PA speaker is held in high esteem. In this age when tomorrow's technology is here today the best and only the best can survive. QSC PA Speakers and PA Systems strike the right note with their performance and price.

QSC K12 Powered Speaker

The QSC K12 powered Speakers deliver sublime sound and is a top of the line product loaded with features. Give this set of PA speakers any environment to play in and it is sure to enthrall. Bands looking to use the system would be impressed with the incredible reproduction of sound and the clarity which the system delivers. There are many impressive features which come loaded with the system such as: DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) which provides matched LF and HF coverage across the entire listening area, eliminating unnatural dead or hot frequency zones and Intrinsic Correction which actively adjusts time, frequency and amplitude response to a maximally flat band pass target resulting in a sound quality that behaves equally well across the entire sound field. Durability wise it is robust and is guaranteed to last long.

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QSC K10 Powered Speaker

The QSC K10 Powered Speaker is designed on similar lines to the QSC K12 Powered PA speakers. Guaranteed to deliver sonic clarity for unparalleled performance, the K10 is a lightweight powered speaker which is powered by a Pat Quilter designed 1000 watt QSC Class D power module. The speakers are housed in ABS which is a far more robust material than conventional speaker plastics Ergonomic aluminum handles and a highly protective steel grille complete the package for ease of transport and long term durability. Other feature like GuardRail protection protects both the amplifier module and the performance from unnatural and destructive clipping. Sound connoisseurs would do well to lookup for further information.

QSC K10 Powered Speaker Pair Stage Ready Package

The QSC K10 Powered PA Speaker Pair Stage Ready Package is ready to sway everyone from the acoustic expert to the performer by providing the pieces needed to create great sound at an unbelievable price. Convenience is the order of the day and the QSC K10 package seamlessly blends power, features and portability in just the right measure to be considered a coveted possession. A range of accessories custom built for the system gives the package a distinct edge over rivals.

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