No, we didn’t really pester Daffo (well, hopefully…). But we did get the indie/folk sensation into the AMS Studio to ask them a few questions about their latest EP release, songwriting process, inspirations, and, perhaps most curiously, where they got the name Daffo.

The new EP is called Pest, and it was released on October 20th, 2023. It’s available anywhere you like to stream music. Listen on Spotify now!

Now you get the super-clever article title…

Pest: The new EP from Daffo

Daffo became an almost-overnight sensation when their video for their song “Poor Madeline” blew up on TikTok. They’ve released several songs and one EP titled Crisis Kit since their popularity explosion.

Now, it’s time for Daffo fans everywhere to get excited again because they officially released their second EP called Pest.

Pest features six songs written and recorded by Daffo (a.k.a. Gabi Gamberg) and produced by good friend Hudson Pollack — who also produced Crisis Kit.

Despite living in New York, Daffo traveled to LA to record the EP and said recording it felt like “just me and my friends trying to bring the songs to life.” The entire recording was supposed to take two weeks, but Daffo ended up spending a full month in LA recording and several weeks after collaborating back and forth between NY and LA to finish the project.

During the interview, they admitted the team put the finishing touches on one of the songs only a couple days before the release! But we’re glad they took their time to make sure everything was up to Daffo’s high musical standards because this EP rocks!

If you want to check it out for yourself (and you definitely should), Pest is now available anywhere you like to stream music:

You’re also highly encouraged to watch the music videos on Daffo’s YouTube channel and check out musical clips and general hijinks on their TikTok and Instagram channels. You certainly won’t regret it!

Let’s talk Pest gear

At AMS, we can’t help ourselves. We’re gear nerds deep down and can’t resist asking artists about the gear they use on various albums.

Daffo said they recorded the album mostly in a home studio, so the gear was rather limited.

All the vocals and most of the instrumental parts were recorded through a Sennheiser MD441 condenser microphone. There were also a few AKG condenser mics in rotation.

On the guitar front, Daffo used producer Hudson’s Fender Jazzmaster for almost everything heard on the EP. Some of the guitar parts were also DI and re-amped to get just the right tones.

It just goes to show that getting the perfect recording doesn’t always come down to having all the gear. It’s all about being creative! Even with the limited gear and space, Daffo really knocked it out of the park with this latest EP.

Daffo’s plans after Pest

Will Daffo go on tour? Will they sign a new record deal? Or will they run off to LA and keep making music? The answer could be all three!

Daffo isn’t quite sure what the next step of the journey might be, but one thing is for certain: More music will be coming. According to Daffo, “I write music because I have to. It’s a way to get through the tough times. It’s an outlet.” There’s no chance they’ll stop creating, and we’re all happy for that!

Whatever their plans, we at AMS wish them the best of luck! We’re so grateful that they took the time to visit us in the studio and answer our silly questions.

And don’t forget to check out Daffo’s latest EP, Pest, wherever you like to stream music. Keep up with Daffo on social media to stay up to date on their latest projects. Thanks for stopping by the AMS Tone Labs!