Electro-Voice History

  • Radio Engineers Partnership

    In The Beginning

    Radio Engineers partnership founded by Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs to service radio receivers, located in the basement of the Century Tire and Rubber Company in South Bend, Indiana. The original investment was $30 and a second-hand car. "

  • Knute Rockne

    PA System for Knute Rockne

    Electro-Voice designs a PA system to assist legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne on the practice field. Rockne refers to the new system as his "electric voice," inspiring the company name.

    Electro-Voice incorporates.

    From Kahn in 1953: "The first block in this new business was the poor quality and high prices of available microphones. Sensing an opportunity, we purchased a lathe and drill press and began making them at the rate

  • Electro-Voice Incorporates

    The Hum-Bucking Coil

    Invents the first hum-bucking coil, a small coil adjacent to the voice coil of a dynamic microphone that cancels the 60-Hz hum produced by ac magnetic fields in the presence of the microphone. Hum-bucking coils are still used in microphones for noise-critical applications.

  • Hum-Bucking Coil

    1 Million Microphones

    Noise-canceling microphone production required by the military dramatically increases production at EV. Total production reaches close to 1 million microphones annually.

  • Electro-Voice Michigan

    Award for the T-45 Noise-canceling Lip Microphone

    Burroughs is awarded a special citation from the War Department for the design and development of the T-45 noise-canceling lip microphone.

    Moves to Buchanan, Michigan

    Consolidating engineering, sales and manufacturing in one place and setting the stage for entry into a number of consumer audio markets. EV Buchanan quickly became a highly integrated manufacturer, with in-house tool making, die casting, plating, painting, coil winding and more.

  • Home High-Fidelity loudspeakers

    Home High-Fidelity loudspeakers

    Announced home high-fidelity component loudspeakers and soon became the major loudspeaker manufacturer in the burgeoning "hi-fi" industry of the 1950's.

  • Compound Diffraction Projector

    The 848 Compound Diffraction Projector

    Introduces the 848 Compound Diffraction Projector (CDP), a two-way public-address loudspeaker with much more high frequency output than typical in the day. Versions of this loudspeaker are still being manufactured.

  • Variable-D directional microphone

    The 664 Variable-D directional microphone

    Introduces the 664 Variable-D directional microphone. Variable-D greatly reduced the up-close bass boost, or proximity effect, common to directional microphones, increasing voice intelligibility for everyday PA applications and quickly becoming a North American standard.

  • Phonograph Cartridges

    Phonograph Cartridges

    Designed and marketed the first mass market stereo phonograph cartridge, the model 26.

  • 30W 30-inch woofer

    The 30W 30-inch woofer

    The 30W 30-inch woofer is introduced by EV and used in the world-famous Patrician series of home high-fidelity loudspeaker systems.

  • John Glenn

    EV Microphones Orbits the Earth

    An EV microphone accompanies John Glenn on his first orbit of the Earth.

  • 642 ultra-directional shotgun microphone

    EV 642 gets Academy Award

    Receives an Academy Award for the development of the 642 ultra-directional shotgun microphone that permitted clear dialogue pickup at a distance, out of camera range.

  • Omnidirectional Microphone

    635A Omnidirectional Microphone

    The 635A omnidirectional dynamic microphone introduced a new, slim shape for easier handheld use. The 635A quickly became the most popular news gathering microphone in North America and is still manufactured today.

  • Eliminator 1 and 2

    Eliminator 1 and 2

    EV introduces the fully horn-loaded Eliminator 1 and 2 loudspeaker systems for the emerging rock 'n' roll PA market, in both manufactured and construction-plan versions. Multiple low-frequency sections became popular with bass guitarists.

  • RE20 Microphone Introduced

    RE20 Microphone Introduced

    The RE20 microphone is introduced and quickly becomes an industry standard. Originally conceived by Lou Burroughs as a "condenser killer" for film-sound and recording-studio applications, the RE20 found a dual role as a preeminent microphone for broadcast and music applications.

  • Constant Directivity Horn

    Constant Directivity Horn

    EV introduces the HR series of "constant directivity" (CD) horns and is the first to publish full sets of 1/3-octave polar responses for their horns. HR horns were the first CD horns in the industry, with coverage angles stable over a wide frequency range.

  • EasyVAMP


    EV designs EasyVAMP (Very Accurate Mapping Program), a high-accuracy graphical technique for placing and aiming high-frequency horns for even coverage of a venue. It was some years later that the precursors of today's computer modeling techniques were introduced.

  • Manifold Technology

    Manifold Technology

    EV develops Manifold Technology and begins production of the MT-4 four-way, high-output concert system used on some of the largest tours of the decade (AC/DC, Metallica, Guns 'n' Roses, and Bon Jovi).

    EV develops and is the first to market N/DYM® dynamic microphones with a neodymium magnetic structure, providing 6 dB higher output and wider frequency response than conventional performer microphones.

  • DeltaMax


    EV launches DeltaMax a series of compact, electronically controlled loudspeaker systems. Their dedicated analog loudspeaker processors anticipated the creation of DSP's such as the EV Dx34 and Dx38.

  • MH Stadium Horns

    MH Stadium Horns

    MH series stadium horns are debuted, which combine constant directivity and Manifold Technology. Quickly become the standard in the largest U.S. stadiums.

  • Sx200 Introduced

    Sx200 Introduced

    The Sx200 is introduced, setting a new standard for light weight and performance.

  • RMD and X-Array

    RMD and X-Array

    Ring-Mode Decoupling (RMD) is first used on the X-Array™ high-performance, high-output concert loudspeaker systems.

    The Sx300 sells over 500,000 units and becomes the world's best selling 12" two way loudspeaker.

  • ArraySHOW


    EV introduces ArraySHOW software, which shows the interference nulls and lobes of multiple loudspeakers and helps to minimize them.

  • X-Line ClearScan

    X-Line ClearScan

    EV introduces the X-Line large-format line-array concert loudspeaker module (used by artists such as the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Kenny Chesney, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Tool, etc.)

    EV introduces ClearScan technology to the world of wireless microphones, automatically scanning numerous channels in a venue for highest quality.

  • XLC


    EV introduces XLC, a full-bandwidth compact-format line-array loudspeaker system and IRIS-Net first used with EV Precision Series power amplifiers.

    Electro-Voice celebrates 75th anniversary; releases special edition 75th anniversary RE20 dynamic microphone.

  • EV, the Olympics and DVX

    EV, the Olympics and DVX

    Electro-Voice equipment is used in 18 of 22 venues for Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

    Electro-Voice launches new DVX cone driver technology; first used in Zx5 loudspeakers.

  • EV Around the World

    EV Around the World

    All-EV sound for the three-week Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo at Reliant Stadium, Houston, the world's largest live concert event series.

    Electro-Voice systems heard around the world at LIVE8 events.

    World's largest touring X-Line array system—controlled with NetMax / IRISNet—hits stadiums with Kenny Chesney's record breaking summer tour.

  • EV and Bosch

    EV and Bosch

    Electro-Voice becomes part of Bosch Communications Systems when Telex Communications is purchased in September. Electro-Voice launches XLC DVX loudspeakers.

  • Live Earth

    Live Earth

    Electro-Voice appears front and center at world's largest global concert in history: Live Earth.

  • EV-Innovations and Tour X-Line

    EV-Innovations and Tour X-Line

    Launch of EV-innovation family of installation-dedicated loudspeakers - result of the largest R&D project in EV history.

    Introduces tour X familiy of loudspeakers.

  • Live X and RE320

    Live X and RE320

    Introduces tour X familiy of loudspeakers.

    Introduces RE320 dynamic microphone, extending the legacy of the iconic RE20

  • ZXA1-Sub


    Continues focus on retail with introduction of ZXA1-Sub, offering a breakthrough combination of power, performance, and lightweight.

  • ZLX


    Launch of ZLX portable loudspeaker. Three months after it's introduction ZLX-12p becomes the #1 selling product in its class.


"At Electro-Voice, we live for sound." For more than 85 years, EV has designed and engineered leading-edge sound reinforcement solutions that empower the performer, exceed the expectations of the audio professional and elevate the audience experience.

As audio industry pioneers with a brand that's trusted around the world, the EV legacy is built upon generations of hands-on professional know-how—all geared towards producing best-in-class products that combine performance, reliability and value.

EV strives to be unequalled in their passionate commitment to the science of sound, always focused upon innovative ways to create a sensory experience that is second to none – they know their users can hear, feel and appreciate the difference.


1946: Special citation from the War Department for the design and development of the T-45 noise-canceling lip microphone.

1963: Academy Award for the development of the 642 ultra-directional shotgun microphone.

2007: NAMM Awards Electro-Voice the Milestone Award for 80 Years of Service in the Music Products Industry.

2009: Electro-Voice wins THREE ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International Readers' Choice Awards!

2010: Electro-Voice Wins TWO WFX New Product Awards for ZXA1 and EVH

2011: Electro-Voice awarded TWO Pro Sound Web Readers' Choice Awards!

2011: Bosch Safe & Sound Tour Truck Featuring EV Pro Audio Wins 2011 Event Design Award

2013: EV wins SIX 2013 ProSoundWeb Readers' Choice Awards making it the most successful brand overall!

2013: New ZLX Loudspeakers win 'Best of Show' award at NAMM 2013.

2013: ZX1-Sub wins Pro Audio Review Excellence Award for Best Portable PA/Powered Speakers!.