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Fender Passport Buyer's Guide

Having a gig almost always means a lot of PA setup including several trips with heavy gear. One of the best things about the Fender Passport PA systems is that you can carry them with one hand. Setup is a breeze and the sound is powerful and crystal clear. These lightweight, portable PA systems guarantee that the only thing heavy at your gig will be the applause you’ll get.

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Fender Passport Conference Portable PA System

When you need a little more coverage but still want to keep it simple, look to the Fender Passport Conference Portable PA System. The Passport Conference offers two pole-mountable speakers powered by a 175 watt class-D amplifier and an easy to use 5 channel mixer allowing you to plugin microphones, instruments, mp3 players and more. The handy storage compartment and the portable design make this PA system just the right choice for smaller musical gigs and speaking engagements.

Fender Passport Event Portable PA System

The Fender Passport Event Portable PA System gives you more power and a few more input channels, including Bluetooth connectivity, for when you need to project a larger production to bigger audience. Increasing the wattage of the Passport Conference, the Passport Event delivers 375 watts of power - enough to rock a small to medium size venue like a coffee shop or theater. The additional inputs come in handy when you want to add a percussionist or additional backing tracks to your performance.

Fender Passport Venue Portable PA System

As the Flagship of the Fender Passport line, the Venue offers 600 watts of stunning audio clarity and 10 input channels for the ultimate in portable PA versatility. In addition to its massive power and variety of inputs, the Passport Venue also offers a USB port that lets you playback audio or record your performance using a flash drive!

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