Michael Williams Interview
We recently sat down with up and coming artist Michael Williams to talk about his Taylor guitars, his song writing process and upcoming Michael Williams Band projects.

What was your first Taylor guitar and why did you choose it over some of the other guitars out there?

My first Taylor was 314CE that I got back in 2001. I was drawn to Taylor for one reason back then, I got sick of playing substandard cant fire guitars and set out to find a quality acoustic. After several weeks of playing Martins and Gibsons it was clear to me that Taylor the right fit for me.

We hear that you’re playing the new Taylor all mahogany 500 series. How does this guitar fit your sound and do you find yourself using this guitar on stage as well as in the studio?

The Mahogany 500 series is Awesome! Tonally it is second to none, it fits like a glove and playability is almost effortless.
What gear are you using for your guitar rig on stage currently? Have you found this to evolve over time or do you tend to stick to the tried and true equipment?

I have two amps on stage, a Divided by 13 JJN50/100 watt with Two 212 cabinets, a Line 6 Bogner head with a 412 cabinet. Pedal board: 2 TS808 tube screamers Vintage, 1 BOSS DD5, Vintage VOX wah 1969, LR Baggs acoustic DI. It has been this gear on stage with me for the past two in a half years however it continues to evolved over time.

Everyone is a little different when it comes to writing songs. How do your songs come together?

I normally start with a melody. Once I have it down I then try to apply lyrics that are directly related with the events in my life and or those closest to me.

Your album “Fire Red” was produced by legendary producer Eddie Kramer. What was it like working with Eddie? Do you feel as though your sound has progressed as a result of working with Eddie?

Working with Eddie was a great experience. He pushed me hard and through hard work and determination I feel I became a real musician. No longer was I considered raw talent. Working with Eddie, my sound and work ethic progressed dramatically.
You’ve shared the stage with some of the world’s greatest blues and rock musicians. Are there any musicians you would like to play with but haven’t yet?

BB King, Eric Clapton, and Ray Lamontagne.

As a rising star and an incredible guitarist, do you have any advice for the beginning guitarists looking to follow in your footsteps?

Quality Equipment, Dedication to practice and always stay open to learning from others.

What does the future hold for the Michael Williams Band? Any new material we can look forward to? Any upcoming tours?

I am working on two albums right now. One is a acoustic EP and the other is a an electric album. Stay tuned there will be a lot in store for 2014. There is a small Texas tour coming up in December. Check MichaelWilliamsBand.com for upcoming tour dates and locations.

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Michael Williams Interview

Michael Williams Interview