DJ Gear of the Pros – interview with RevoDJ

DJs from all over the world use the powerful trifecta of Pioneer DJ equipment, Chauvet lighting, and Bose loudspeakers to unleash their mixes and create the ultimate dance experience! AMS carries the newest game-changing Pioneer, Chauvet, and Bose products, covering any personal preference you have behind the decks and in the performance space. Dance music knows no borders and brings people together from every part of the globe - AMS was fortunate to meet up with RevoDJ, one of the many global EDM ambassadors with a unique style and flavor. A DJ, producer, and remix artist from New Jersey by way of his hometown Quito, Ecuador, he talks about the reliability and steadfast performance of this great gear, his great love for melodic EDM, and his personal journey that lead him to become a professional DJ.