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The eMedia Essential Acoustic Guitar DVD is Guitar instruction at its best taking you from Average Joe to Guitar Pro!
Featuring 46 easy-to-follow lessons, Essential Acoustic is a best-selling instructional DVD teaching everything about guitar from the basics of stringing and tuning your guitar to the fundamental chord and strumming techniques. Taught by Guitar Pro Kevin Garry, Ph.D., this DVD packs tons of guidance through demonstrations of techniques in a visual format that makes it easy for nearly anyone to learn. Teaching the guitar with a song-based lesson format makes learning to play acoustic guitar fun!

Essential Acoustic Guitar DVD Features
  • Over 40 lessons and 20 Songs
  • Multi Camera Videos with close-ups
  • Music Tracking; Chords light up as the music plays
  • Interactive Chord Charts
  • Easy Navigation with your DVD player remote control
  • Teaches in English or Spanish
  • Bonus Downloadable Software Extras (including tuner and metronome)
Each eMedia Essential DVD title includes fully interactive, multimedia lessons featuring an animated fretboard with right and left-handed views, eMedia's multi-camera Tri-View video with close-ups, a song-based curriculum, English and Spanish instruction, tuner, interactive chord charts, music tracking and live performance audio.

Over 40 Lessons Including
  • Stringing the guitar
  • Tuning the guitar
  • Reading chord charts
  • Double Strumming
  • Syncopation
and More...
Over 20 Songs Including
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  • Will the Circle be Unbroken
  • Amazing Grace
  • La Bamba
And Others...

Bonus downloadable toolkit includes: metronome, personal digital recorder, chord dictionary, and digital automatic tuner.
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