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eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe Software 2 Volume Set

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The award winning eMedia Guitar Method makes it easy for anyone to learn to play acoustic or electric guitar. This best-selling guitar instruction software features lessons written by University of Colorado-Boulder’s Kevin Garry, Ph.D. eMedia Interactive Feedback allows the computer to listen to and evaluate what you play to help you learn to play notes and chords as well as learn to read tablature and music notation faster.

Over 190 easy-to-follow guitar lessons take you from basics such as holding, stringing, and tuning your guitar plus playing simple chords and easy strumming patterns to practicing syncopated strums, blues, rock, fingerpicking techniques, reading guitar tabs and standard music notation, and much more. eMedia Guitar Method features songs in a variety of genres including rock, blues, folk, country, and classical – to make learning fun and enjoyable! Learn how to play over 70 great guitar songs, including hits such as “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan and “Rock’n Me” by Steve Miller!

eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe Software Features
  • New – Expanded Interactive Feedback goes beyond melodies to recognize chords you strum, so you can enjoy even more interaction with the software.
  • New – Performance Evaluation that gives you a score in either a 5-star rating system or as a percentage. 
  • New – Ear Training lessons to help you learn to play from audio recordings.
  • New – Play along with live-recorded Jam Tracks throughout the course.
  • New – A modern, updated, and cleaner user interface.
  • Over 190 guitar lessons by Kevin Garry, Ph.D., award-winning guitarist and Professor of Music, cover rock, blues, folk, and classical to teach you how to play guitar in a variety of styles.
  • eMedia’s Animated Fretboard that makes seeing fingerings for chords and notes easy.
  • Note Tracker and Finger Tracker technology displays the notes you’re playing in staff notation and on the Animated Fretboard as the guitar software listens to your playing via the computer microphone. Students even see correctly played notes in melodies highlighted as they play them.
  • More than 50 videos, with split-screen view and close-ups of both hands.
  • Flash Card Quizzes that recognize the notes you play into the computer’s microphone to help you learn how to read guitar tablature and standard music notation.
  • Lessons to teach you how to read guitar tabs (tablature), chord diagrams, and standard music notation.
  • Over 80 songs, including hits that make guitar lessons fun! Songs include: “Knockin' on Heaven's Door” as by Bob Dylan (acoustic and rock versions),“Little Red Rooster” made famous by the Rolling Stones, “Rock’n Me” by Steve Miller Band, “Downtown Train” made famous by Rod Stewart, “Uncle John's Band” by the Grateful Dead, “Scarborough Fair” made famous by Simon & Garfunkel, “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven, “House of the Rising Sun” made famous by the Animals, “La Bamba” made famous by Ritchie Valens and Los Lobos, and “Midnight Special” made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival. New songs include “Wayfaring Stranger” and “Imagine.”
  • Songs and guitar lessons as both audio and variable-speed MIDI tracks where selections can be looped, slowed down, or sped up.
  • Integrated guitar software tools include an A

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Product Specifications

eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe Software System Requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • CD-ROM or Download
  • macOS 10.5 to 10.14
  • CD-ROM or Download
(Internet connection recommended for online activation.)

Attention Mac users: As you may be aware, Apple has decided to discontinue support for 32-bit applications starting in macOS 10.15 (Catalina). If you wish to use eMedia software which requires 32-bit support, do not upgrade past OS X 10.14 (Mojave). We are working on a new version that will support Catalina and future versions of macOS, but do not yet have a release date for it. For more information regarding macOS 10.15 please visit:

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