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Friedman IRD 2-Channel All-Tube High Voltage Preamp

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The Friedman IR-D Dual-Channel Tube Preamp puts a Friedman rig in a pedalboard-friendly package. Featuring 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 independent channels, MIDI, & 13 IRs with room for your own
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The Friedman IR-D dual-channel tube preamp is an entire Friedman rig in a compact pedalboard-friendly package.

IR-D boasts two fully independent identical foot-switchable channels which are based on Friedman’s legendary Dirty Shirley/Twin Sister designs.  This Dave modded JTM45 circuit delivers the signature British tone for which Friedman is known for.

Powered by two high-voltage 12AX7 preamp tubes, each channel delivers the harmonic richness and touch response of Dave Friedman's finest designs. DSP IR cabinet/power amp simulation sends a studio-quality mic'd-up tone to your DAW or Front-of-House.  The IR-D provides easy-to-use controls without complex menus and 100-page manuals.

Friedman IRD 2-Channel All-Tube High Voltage Preamp Features

  • All-tube HIGH-VOLTAGE preamp - DI
  • 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Two independent identical channels + boost
    • Based on Friedman’s legendary Dirty Shirley/Twin Sister designs
  • MIDI programmable features:
    • Channel select / Boost
    • IR select
    • Thump and Presence – three-way switch per channel
    • Effects loop ON/OFF
    • Boost Lock
  • Power amp simulation with software editable Presence and Thump (per channel)
  • Low latency Impulse Response cabinet simulation (bypassable)
  • Three position CAB/IR select switch per channel (programmable via software)
  • 13 free Friedman IRs or load your own
  • Boost Volume and Gain controls (per channel)
  • Volume and Gain controls (per channel)
  • Full EQ consisting of Bass, Middle, Treble (per channel)
  • 2-way Bright switch (Per Channel)
  • 3-way Structure switch (Per Channel)
  • Three multi-function foot switches
  • Ultra-transparent series FX loop (bypassable)
  • TRS balanced output
  • Headphone output
  • MIDI 5 pin standard connector and USB MIDI
  • USB software editor - powered by SYNERGY
  • Limited 3-year Warranty
  • Universal 12V Power Supply Included
  • 6 Foot USB2.0 A Male to B Male cable Included
  • Dimensions (Including Knobs): 5.5” (D) x 6.5” (W) x 2.3 (H)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.


IR-D isn't simulating a Friedman tube preamp. It is one. While many available preamp pedals utilize tubes to 'warm up' their digital or solid-state circuit, two glowing hot 12AX7 preamp tubes, running at the proper high voltage, are this pedal's beating heart. A genuine preamp in every way, IR-D delivers all the tone, response, gain characteristics, and harmonic complexity you expect from a Friedman design.


Both channels feature their own independent and highly tweakable Boost circuits. This essentially gives you four channels, accessible with the tap of your toe.


All great tube amps need a great speaker cabinet, and whether sending your signal straight to the board or silently playing through the onboard headphone output, IR-D gives you a selection of Dave Friedman’s favorite IRs. Select the IR per channel using the 3-way mini toggle switches or load your own quickly and easily via Friedman’s editing software. You can even disengage the onboard IRs entirely to use IR-D’s tube preamp with another IR loader.

13 Friedman Cabinet IRs Included: The Friedman Editor software includes 13 free Friedman IRs to choose from.  The first three listed below are the ones which are factory set to the hardware.

  • 6402 57 121: Dave Friedman's favorite 4x12 cab in bare wood. This is Dave's primary workshop cab and has been used to voice his amplifiers since the very beginning. It's fitted with four 6402 Greenback speakers and was captured with an SM57 and R-121 for a nice balance of cut and body.
  • 1960 GREEN5757121: This cabinet IR is the classic 1960B cabinet from the 80's. Fitted with 20w British Greenbacks. It has a distinctive sonic signature that sings 80's to modern rock tones. Captured with a pair of SM57 on two speakers, along with a R-121 to help fill out the body of the sound. These were fed into a set of API preamps with a touch of EQ to enhance the presence.
  • DS112 57 1973: The Friedman Dirty Shirley 1x12 open back speaker cabinet with a G12-50GL features a detailed top end with an airy bass and mid response. A perfect choice for clean tones or if you’re looking for a more bluesy sound. Captured with an SM57 and a Soyuz 1973 into API preamps.


The IR-D’s transparent effects loop allows you to easily integrate your favorite effects with everything from the most straightforward setups to the most complex digitally controlled rigs.


  • All-In-One: IR-D's surprisingly compact size turns your pedalboard into your entire rig. Run your favorite dirt pedals and filters directly into the IR-D's input as you would with any amplifier and place your favorite time-based effects in the effects loop. Now send all that tone directly to the board with the stunning-sounding benefits of IR technology.
  • Standalone Preamp: Do you want all the benefits of IR-D's all-tube preamp section but prefer a live cabinet onstage? No problem. Simply connect the effects loop Send to your time-based effects and then to your amps power section. You can still send the IR output to the console to avoid the hassles of live mic'ing the cabinet (see manual for details).
  • IR-Loader: To utilize IR-D's IR technology independently of the preamp section, just plug your preferred preamp or pedals into its effects loop return. It's a great way to harness all of its power amp and speaker simulation onstage or in the studio.


IR-D is MIDI-capable. Whether pulling up presets with a pedalboard controller or switching channels with the laptop running your entire show, IR-D is ready for the job. It truly is the perfect marriage of modern control and classic tube tone.


IR-D gives you astounding tonal control, but its included Friedman Editor software takes it to a new level. With it, you can tweak each channel’s power amp simulation via the Thump and Presence controls, load your favorite IRs, activate the Boost Lock feature, select loop ON/OFF and save it all to 128 MIDI presets.


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