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The Golden Age Project Channel Strip Package gives you professional grade studio gear at a great price! This package includes one Golden Age Project Comp54 compressor, a Pre73 MKII mic preamp, Monster StudioLink Balanced XLR for connection and a Pre73 Dual Rack for mounting your two-piece ChannelStrip in a rack alongside your other studio gear. The high quality components and rugged build of this equipment makes this package a great addition or upgrade to any studio! Read below for information on each piece included.

Golden Age Project Comp 54 Compressor

Heard on countless recordings, the Golden Age COMP54 is a vintage style compressor based on a classic circuit with characteristics that audio engineers still desire. The COMP54 uses a diode bridge as the gain controlling element, a method that was used by vintage products from Neve, EMI and others. The COMP54 contains no ICs in the signal path and it uses three transformers.

The controls are versatile and cover most situations.The IN/OUT switch makes it possible to switch the compression action on and off, while still having the coloring from the transformers and the discrete circuits. There is also a hard Bypass switch that just passes the signal between the input and output connectors.

You will find a 600 ohm termination switch on the back panel if you are using using modern equipment after the COMP54, as most users do most of the time. This switch affects the frequency response and the square wave response. So, if you want a slightly pronounced high end, leave the switch out. The square wave response is better when the output transformer is correctly terminated but it is perfectly ok also in the unterminated mode. The frequency response has been tailored so that there is nearly no pronounced peak above 20kHz and upwards, resulting in a smoother phase response.

A LINK connector at the back makes it possible to connect two COMP54s together to form a stereo compressor. The production model will have slightly different settings for Attack and Release and a custom meter combined scale for output level and gain reduction.

Golden Age Project Pre73 MKII Microphone Preamp

A single channel low-cost preamp with all the features and components needed for high quality audio recording, the Golden Age Project's Pre73 MKII Microphone and Line Preamp utilizes a wholly discrete signal path by way of three transformers that have been separated for an independent balanced microphone input, line input and output. Designed to match Neve 1073 pre/eq module, the circuitry in the Pre73 MKII Preamp has a warm and punchy character with a sweet musical tone reminiscent of that classic, versatile sound perfect for any genre of music.

Golden Age Project Pre73 MKII Microphone Preamp Features
  • Lower noise floor and Greater Dynamic Range than the Original Pre73 Preamp
  • Pre73 MKII adds a rear-panel insert for EQ and dynamics processing
  • Vintage Style electronics with no integrated circuits in the signal path
  • Switchable phantom power and absolute phase
  • High-impedance instrument input for connecting sound modules, electric guitar or bass
  • A simple but effective 4-step LED output level meter
  • The output level control offers:
    • Fine gain adjustments
    • Overloading the main gain stage(s) for more character
    • Lowering the signal to a suitable level before the output stage
  • Combo XLR/TRS input jacks and separate output XLR and TRS jacks
  • Includes high power external power supply

A must have for your studio, the Golden Age Project Pre 73 MKII Microphone and Line Preamp offers a max gain up to 80 dB for mics and a gain range switchable between -20 to + 10 dB for line input sound sources. The Pre73 MKII Preamp also offers a high-impedance instrument input making this Golden Age Project Microphone and Line Preamp a perfect solution for the majority of signal sources.

Monster Cable StudioLink Balanced XLR Cable

Monster Cable StudioLink Balanced Audio cables are best suited for high performance audio interconnect in a wide variety of home and professional performance and studio applications. High and low frequency multi-gauge wire networks preserve clarity and presence between connected components. Patented Time Correct windings provide precise imaging, tight bass and smooth highs. Available with extra-durable 24k gold Neutrik XLR and TRS connectors.

Monster Cable StudioLink Balanced Audio Cable Features
  • Multiple gauge high and low frequency wire networks for accurate, natural sound reproduction.
  • Precision wound Time Correct construction provides extremely accurate musical reproduction.
  • Open soundstage, precise imaging, tight bass and smooth highs.
  • Ultra-flexible, durable jacket for ease of use and prolonged life, even in the tightest situations
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Product Specifications

Golden Age Project Pre73 MKII Microphone Preamp Specifications
  • Mic Input Max Gain: 80dB
  • Handles passive ribbon mics with quiet sound sources
  • Line Input Gain Range: -20 to +10dB
  • Microphone Output Impedance: Switchable 1200 or 300 Ohm

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