Haz Labs MutronIII Plus Envelope Filter Pedal

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The Original MU-TRON III Plus Envelope Filter Pedal translates the envelope or volume profile of every musical passage into an easily-controlled, vowel-like sound, as you play.
Use MU-TRON III Plus to create a variety of synthesizer sounds with most electrified instruments: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, flute, saxophone, brasses... even microphone. The sharper your attack and the more percussive your instrument, the wilder your sound will be. Besides providing that inverted snap (perfect for funky bass), MU-TRON III Plus also functions as an automatic wah pedal. Full instructions are included, but you decide how far you want to go.

Powered by 9V battery or optional #HAZPS1A adapter.

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Phone:  908-453-3300 Warranty:  1 Year

Product Specifications

Mutron III Plus Envelope Filter Pedal Specifications


  • Input: 1/4 inch gold-plated phone jack
  • Output: 1/4 inch gold-plated phone jack
  • DC Power: Jack for HAZ Model PS-1 power supply
  • Power: On-Off switch
  • Low Battery/Sweep Limit Indicator: Monitors the condition of the Batteries and aids in setting the depth control
  • Range Switch: Emphasizes high or low frequencies
  • Drive Switch: Shifts the filter up or down for two totally different effects
  • Mode Switch: High-pass, band-pass, low-pass or notch filter characteristics, for accentuating different regions of audio band, allowing four distinct tonal images
  • Depth Control: A sensitivity control for optimum operation from any musical source
  • Peak Control: For varying filter sharpness from a subtle accentuation through a distinct vowel sound to high resolution filtering that plays individual overtones
  • Bypass Footswitch: A true passive bypass switch for routing the audio signal around the effect
  • Dip Switches (internal): Permit you to customize your MU-TRON III Plus to highlight your instrument and playing style. Two switches tailor the high and low frequency ranges. Three switches control the way the MU-TRON III Plus follows the dynamics of your instrument. The last switch allows the Low battery L.E.D. to double as a sweep limit indicator
  • Input Impedence: Greater than 60K ohms (20 - 20 kHz).
  • Output Impedence: Less than 2.6K ohms (20 - 20 kHz).
  • Maximum Undistorted Output Signal: 10V peak-to-peak.
  • Power Supply: 2 9-Volt batteries (not included) and/or optional power supply (HAZ Model PS-1, for operation from 120 VAC 60 Hz)
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs without batteries
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 9 x 5 x 3.125 inches
  • Components: Gold-plated stereo 1/4 inch jacks, 1% metal-film resistors, state of the art surface mount technology for highest reliability
  • Construction: Heavy-gage steel bottom with baked-on industrial enamel finish. Heavy-gage aluminum front panel
  • Quality Control: Each unit is calibrated, 100% tested, and played
  • Power Supply: HAZ Model PS-1 (120 VAC 60 Hz input)

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