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Firmware 2.0 now features endless looping time, customizable footswitches, over 40 built-in FX including vocal harmony & tuning, real-time quantizing & auto BPM detection, enhanced UI plus more.

HeadRush Looperboard Firmware 2.0
The looper pedal of your dreams is here. Introducing the most powerful and intuitive standalone looper pedal ever, The HeadRush Looperboard. We are excited to announce the immediate availability of a ground-breaking update for the Looperboard, Firmware 2.0. Backed by extensive feedback and testing from HeadRush’s looping community, and harnessing the Looperboard’s class-leading, powerful quad-core DSP, this update redefines conventional standards for loopers. Now users can connect external USB or SD drives for virtually endless looping times, add auto vocal harmony & tuning, loop with auto-bpm detection, customize Looperboard’s footswitches to their own preference, add rhythmic DJ-style effects and much more

Since Firmware Version 1.0.1
    Looping Workflow Improvements
    • Added improvements to require less footswitch presses when creating a loop from scratch
    • Added the ability to set whether a stopped track should begin playback or start overdubbing when pressing its •Rec/Play/Dub footswitch
    • Added the ability to set how tracks should start and stop in Sync and Serial-Sync modes
    • Added the ability to instantly clear all looper tracks by holding the Start/Stop All footswitch
    • Added the ability to configure whether the Start/Stop All footswitch and individual •Stop/-Undo footswitches should function on press or on release
    • Added the ability to predetermine looper track lengths via setting a number of bars
    • Added the ability to set a track’s length to automatically detect and set a loop’s tempo
    • Added the ability to set individual looper tracks to play back only once via a One Shot setting
    • Added the ability to enable and adjust Feedback (Decay) for individual looper tracks
    • Added the ability to individually customize the track •Stop/-Undo footswitches per loop for more immediate control of functions like reverse, speed, length, fade, transpose, peel, undo/redo, clear, bounce, and control of FX racks

    Complete UI/UX Overhaul

    • Created a new Navigation Menu page for quicker and easier navigation of features
    • Created new save/load/import file browsers for easier import and export functionality
    • Created a Storage page for viewing remining loop time on the internal drive, as well as connected external storage devices, and for selecting a target device for newly created loops
    • Combined the mixer and meter pages for more control with better appearance
    • Completely overhauled all existing UI pages for improved appearance and readability, cleaner workflows, and better ease of use
    • Added a menu for navigating the UI pages via footswitch by holding the Function footswitch
    • Added the ability to quickly return to the main timeline page by double tapping the Function footswitch New Built-In FX
    • Added Vocal Tuner FX rack (includes auto pitch tuning and auto harmonizer effects)
    • Added Rhythmic FX rack (includes slicer, pumper, and synced LFO effects)

    Import Audio Improvements

    • Added the ability to auto time-stretch imported audio files to the current loop tempo
    • Added the ability to preview audio files during the import process

    Function and Backing Track Improvements

    • Fade - Added the ability to fade-in tracks individually or all at once
    • Fade - Added the ability select slower fade rates (up to 200%)
    • Fade - Added time indicators that show the actual fade times based on the set fade percentage
    • Bounce - Reduced footswitch presses required for the bounce function
    • Tuner - Added option to individually mute inputs while using the tuner
    • Backing Track - Added the ability to access the previous or next backing track via footswitch press or via an External MIDI Message

    MIDI Feature Improvements:

    • Added the ability to send MIDI clock while a loop is running
    • Added the ability to access the previous or next loop via external MIDI message
    • Added the ability for Looperboard to be controlled externally using MIDI note type messages
    • Storage/Compatibility Improvements
    • Removed looper track and backing track maximum length limits
    • Added .MP3 support for importing audio files to looper tracks and for backing tracks
    • Added the ability to directly record, save, and load loops to/from connected external USB/SD storage devices
    • Added the ability to import audio files to loops directly from connected external USB/SD storage devices
    • Added a storage page for viewing remining loop time and selecting a target device for new loops
    • Added compatibility for macOS 10.15 (Catalina) to the macOS firmware updater
The looper pedal of your dreams is here - the HeadRush Looperboard. Introducing the most powerful and intuitive standalone looper pedal ever. The HeadRush Looperboard was built with the express goal of pushing the art of looping live audio to the next level, so you can create like never before!

HeadRush Looperboard Features
  • Over 9 hours of internal recording time
  • Flawless 32-bit 48kHz audio quality
  • 4 stereo looper tracks with advanced time stretch
  • Click track and quantization features
  • Stereo backing track player
  • Over 300 built-in loops for getting started
  • (4) combo XLR + 1/4” inputs with phantom power
  • Assignable XLR, 1/4” and headphone outputs
  • MIDI input and output
  • SD card and USB inputs for unlimited storage
  • 1/4” expression pedal input
  • Road-ready steel chassis
  • Built-in USB audio interface
  • Includes Pro Tools First | HeadRush Edition
The Looperboard leaves no room for compromise: It utilizes a powerful quad-core DSP system that has been tailor-made from the ground up, combined with a 7” touch interface, and a generous set of audio inputs and outputs with premium circuitry for superb sound. Plus, there’s over five hours of on-board recording time with intelligent time-stretch at a stunning 32-bit 48kHz quality, premium Eleven® HD Expanded™ onboard effects, external USB/SD loop storage, onboard USB audio interface, and so much more, all in a tour-ready steel chassis.

7” High Resolution Touch Display
A well-refined smart user interface with huge 7” display provides all of the dynamic feedback you need to stay focused on building your loop. You can touch, swipe, and drag-¬and-¬drop to customize the HeadRush Looperboard to your personal workflow.

Flawless Recording Quality
The HeadRush Looperboard features premium audio circuitry and operates at a class-leading 32-bit floating 48 kHz audio quality, so you can be sure that you’ll be capturing every nuance of your performance. v

Massive Loop Storage

The HeadRush Looperboard can record and playback over nine hours of audio to its internal storage, and you can also export your loops for later use by using the SD and USB storage inputs.

Superior Loop Control
The 12 built-in footswitches enable you to quickly create and transform your loops and they feature individual RGB LEDs that dynamically update to provide useful feedback. You can record, overdub, play, undo/redo, reverse, transpose, bounce, and peel individual layers off in the reverse order they were added, fade, and clear your individual looper tracks all on-the-fly. You can also reverse, fade, multiply or divide length, and multiply or divide playback speed instantly for your whole loop at once.

Customizable Track Modes
Each loop contains four mono or stereo looper tracks and it can be run in any of five track modes (Fixed, Serial, Sync, Serial/Sync, and Free), so the HeadRush Looperboard accommodates any looping musician’s workflow.

Tap Tempo With Intelligent Time-Strech
Stay in sync with other musicians on stage using the built-in intelligent time-stretch feature, which enables you to tap a footswitch to instantly change the tempo of your loop, while retaining pitch, without audio quality loss or glitchy pops and clicks.

Powered By Eleven Hd Expanded
Featuring the most versatile, responsive, and best-¬sounding effects ever found in a standalone looper, The HeadRush Looperboard enables you to assign virtual effect racks directly to inputs or looper tracks. Each virtual effect rack is made of up of eight individual effects and is purpose-designed for applications like vocals, guitar, lo-fi, percussion, and more. You can even assign up to four effect parameters to be controlled by an external expression pedal at once.

Built-In Backing Track Player
The convenient built-in backing track player enables you rewind, stop, play/pause, fast forward or change tempo of a backing track, completely independent of your current loop.

Packed With Audio I/O
The HeadRush Looperboard features four Combo XLR+1/4” inputs with dedicated gain controls and switchable +48V phantom power, two XLR outputs with switchable ground-lift, two 1/4” outputs switchable between amp or line level, one 1/4" stereo headphone output with dedicated volume knob, and one 1/8” stereo aux input with dedicated volume knob that routes auxiliary sources (phones, tablets, etc.) directly to the outputs.
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Product Specifications

HeadRush Looperboard Pedal Includes
  • HeadRush Looperboard
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Software Download Card
  • Safety and Warranty Manual
  • Quickstart Guide

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