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Lewitt Audio MTPW950 Condenser Vocal Microphone

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Lewitt Audio MTPW950 condenser is the ultimate live microphone. The MTP W950 is a premium handheld microphone with a detachable and wireless-compatible 1" true condenser capsule delivering studio sound for live performances, rehearsals, and even recording sessions.

Lewitt Audio MTPW950 Condenser Vocal Microphone Features
    • Premium 1" true condenser handheld microphone for studio sound on stage
    • Detachable capsule is compatible with industry-standard wireless systems
    • Crystal-clear live mixes and monitoring due to industry-leading rear rejection
    • Outstanding feedback resistance
    • Cupping safe design for high tone integrity
    • Extra longevity with dual layer protection against wind, moisture and plosives
    • Switchable cardioid and supercardioid polar pattern
    • Switchable 12 dB attenuation
    • Switchable 120 Hz low-cut filter
    • Compatible without adapter: most Shure, Lectrosonics, Sony handheld wireless microphone transmitters, Line6 XD-V55/XD-V75, Mipro ACT series
    • Compatible with adapter: Sennheiser wireless systems with interchangeable
    • Microphone clip and transport case included

For every stage, rehearsal, and recording session.
The MTP W950 can be used as an XLR microphone for rehearsals and smaller venues, or you can detach the capsule to use it with a wireless system for bigger stages. Vocalists like you can experience consistent sound wherever and however you perform.

Your audience deserves the best sound quality.
The 1" true condenser capsule offers beautiful, studio-like high-end beyond that of a typical stage microphone. Your audience will hear every detail of your voice, just like in a studio recording.

One microphone for wired and wireless.
You can enjoy excellent studio sound everywhere while still experiencing the freedom of wireless systems.

    • XLR for performing in the rehearsal room, small venues, or a recording studio.
    • Wireless is perfect for large stages. Simply unscrew the capsule and attach it to your preferred wireless transmitter*.

Crystal clear mixes due to outstanding feedback resistance & industry-leading rear rejection.

It might get loud on stage as you deal with noise from the crowd, drums, and other instruments. The MTP W950 resists bleed and spills from other sound sources with an industry-leading 90% rear rejection resulting in crystal-clear live mixes.

Cupping safe design to perform however you like. With full tone.
The cupping-safe design of the MTP W950 gives you the freedom to perform however you like. It helps keep your sound steady without losing tonal definition when you get creative with your grip.

Dual layer protection for high longevity.
The innovative dual layer protection makes the MTP W950 resistant to the usual drawbacks of sensitive condenser microphones, allowing you to:

    • Reduce plosives without the need for a pop filter
    • Protect the capsule from moisture
    • Eliminate wind noise in outdoor environments

Multi-pattern, low-cut, and attenuation

For full flexibility in all scenarios, the MTP W950 comes with switchable cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns, a 120 Hz low-cut filter, and 12 dB attenuation to reduce sensitivity and raise the maximum sound pressure level up to 152 dBSPL.

Tested and approved by A-list artists worldwide
Before its release, professional live sound engineers have beta-tested the microphone worldwide with star acts like the Rolling Stones, T-Pain, and Kehlani, getting outstanding and reliable sound quality no matter the venue.
By solving the most common problems for vocalists, MTP W950 is the ultimate handheld microphone for performers and engineers alike.

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Product Specifications

Lewitt Audio MTPW950 Condenser Vocal Microphone Specifications

  • Frequency range: 20 … 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 8.1 mV/Pa, -41.8 dBV/Pa
  • Self-noise: 21 dB (A) Max SPL: 140 dB
  • SPL (0.5% THD)
  • Dynamic range: 119 dB (A)
  • Low-cut: 120 Hz
  • Attenuation: 12 dB
  • Polar patterns: Switchable cardioid and supercardioid
  • Supply voltage (wired): 48 V Supply voltage capsule (wireless): min 5 V
  • Connector: Gold plated 3-pin XLR, Capsule thread: 11/4-28UN-2A
  • Included: Microphone clip, windscreen, transport bag
  • Microphone dimensions: 51 diameter x 183 mm, 2 diameter x 7.2 inches
  • Microphone net weight: 397 g, 14 oz

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