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Monster 100 Series Dual RCA Cable

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100% foil shield reduces noise and interference. Special low density, structured matrix, foamed dielectric for low signal transfer. Side-by-side construction for easy installation of both left and right channels. 24k gold contact, heavy-duty molded RCAs.

Maximize The Sonic Performance of Musicians and Recording Professionals

"What a Difference a Cable Makes"
-George Benson
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Cables-the Final Link
Monster Cable's legendary microphone and musical instrument cables, found in many of the world's top recording studios, are used religiously by engineers, producers and musicians alike. In fact, Monster's cables are acknowledged as the reference standard for some of today's hottest artists.

These professionals recoginize that the quality and sound of their cables play a crucial role in delivering the very best possible sound reproduction. And in the highly competitive world of music, Monster® gives the artist and recording engineer that extra edge to turn an ordinary performance into something extraordinary.

Engineered for Better Sound
While other cables can smother sound, increase distortion and flatten bass, Prolink® cables utilize unique patented technologies such as multi-gauge Bandwidth Balanced® wire networks and Time Correct® windings to transfer complex music signals between components with greater accuracy and proper phase alignment.

Monster's MicroFiber® dielectric employs an intricate process of winding an air-core fiber around each individual conductor to reduce dielectric losses and electromagnetic distortions. MicroFiber increases dynamic range, extending high frequencies and reducing background noise.

In addition, Monster's MultiTwist™ construction, ultra-dense shielding and conductive polymer dielectrics are used to eliminate hum, interference and handling noise.

Wider frequency response and more natural reproduction of harmonics are just some of the improvements musicians discover with Monster Cable Prolink microphone and studio interconnect cables.

Designed with the Musician in Mind...
Monster Cables is proud to introduce the Performer™ 500 Series of instrument cables specifically engineered for the style of music you play. Style-specific cable designs unlock the full potential of your instrument's tonality and feel, and add a signature-quality to your personal sound.

For example, Monster Rock™ brings out the bite in your guitar, while Monster Jazz™ enhances deep, full bodied tones. Whether you play rock, jazz, bass, or keyboards, Monster® has a cable designed to enhance your sonic signature.

For the ultimate in transparency and accurate audio reproduction, there is Monster's Studio Pro™ 1000 line-the mic and instrument cables that are so popular with top professionals around the world, both in the studio and during the live performance.

On a budget? Monster Standard™ 100 instrument, mic and speaker cables deliver improved performance at an affordable price.

Snake, Patchbay, Speaker and Interconnect Cables for a Complete Hook-up
In addition to outstanding mic and instrument cables, the Prolink® line features high performance snakes, patchbay cables and speaker cables, as well as line-level audio, video and digital interconnects for every possible hook-up.

Monster® recognizes the importance of a high integrity, long lasting connection. Monster's connectors are designed for maximum signal transfer and the ability to withstand and the rigors of stage and studio environments. Monster's Prolink® cables deliver sonic refinements to improve the quality of every note you play, every track you lay down, and every recording you monitor.

Plug in and listen. You can hear the difference with Monster Cable®.

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