Origin Effects MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato and Drive Pedal

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The unique MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato and Drive pedal accurately captures the legendary pitch-shifting vibrato effect found in vintage Magnatone® amps.

Origin Effects MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato and Drive Pedal Features
  • True two-stage pitch-shifting vibrato, as found in the Magnatone® 260/280
  • Switchable blend modes to combine wet and dry signals in- and out-of-phase
  • Complete valve amp-style signal path recreated in all-analogue electronics
  • Powerful tone-shaping Post-Drive EQ
  • Footswitch input for tap tempo and effects switcher integration
  • High-current, low-noise electronics
  • High-quality buffered bypass
  • Advanced power supply filtering and protection
  • Premium components throughout
  • Designed and built in England
Origin Effects used all-analogue components to recreate this unique and sought-after effect at circuit level. Origin Effects also added a three-way Blend switch that combines the wet and dry signals in different ways to deliver three distinct modulation modes: pure Magnatone® pitch modulation, Uni-Vibe-style phasing and a unique chorus effect.

Alongside a range of modern features like tap tempo, rhythmic subdivisions and effects switcher integration, the MAGMA57 also houses a complete valve amp-style signal path. Built on the same platform as our groundbreaking RevivalDRIVE and inspired by the original Magnatone® amps, the pedal’s amp circuitry delivers complex clean and overdriven tones dripping with vintage vibe.

Meanwhile, the powerful Post-Drive EQ section will make sure that the MAGMA57’s stunning range of tones will sound their best whether it’s plugged into an amp, flat-response power amp, mixer or recording interface.

    VIBE footswitch – Switches the vibrato effect on and off. When VIBE is turned on the jewel light will turn white and will pulse at the selected vibrato speed.

    DRIVE – behaves like the Volume knob on a vintage non-master-volume guitar amplifier. Set low for clean sounds or turn it up for more overdrive.

    TONE – Turn up for a brighter sound. Turn down to tame highs.

    OUTPUT – overall pedal output level

    SPEED – Turn up to increase the rate of the vibrato effect. The range of the SPEED control is set by the three-position MULTI switch.

    MULTI – applies a preset multiplier to the speed of the vibrato, whether it is set by the pedal’s SPEED knob or by attaching an external tap tempo footswitch.

    SHAPE – allows you to choose between two different LFO waveforms.

    INTENSITY – controls the depth of the vibrato.

    POST-DRIVE EQ – three presets allow quick compatibility when plugging into Blackface, Plexi, and flat-response amps. Fine-tune the top-end further with the ADJ trimmer.
“MAGNATONE® is a registered trademark of Magnatone, LLC. Origin Effects has no affiliation with Magnatone, LLC.”

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  Warranty:  2 Years

Product Specifications

Origin Effects MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato and Drive Pedal Specifications
    • INSTR: Insert your guitar, other instrument or signal source here.
    • AMP: Connect to your amp, power amp, mixer or recording interface. If you’re playing through something other than a guitar speaker (e.g. PA speakers, studio monitors, headphones or direct recording), we strongly recommend using a speaker simulator after the MAGMA57.
    • 9VDC: Connect a 9V DC 2.1mm centre-negative mains power adaptor that can supply at least 120mA.
    • F/SWITCH: The F/SWITCH input allows you to connect an external footswitch or effects switching system to remotely control the following parameters:
      • Tap tempo: Remotely sets the speed of the modulation effect. The F/SWITCH input detects tap rate by sensing the time between any two taps/pulses. The rate you set will then be multiplied according to the position of the MULTI switch.
      • Vibe on/off: Remotely switches the modulation effect on or off, overriding the pedal’s own VIBE footswitch.


    • Input impedance: 1M O
    • Output impedance: 1k O
    • Current draw: 100mA
    • Power supply requirements: 9VDC 2.1mm centre negative connector

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