Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System

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Product Description

Imagine having a world-class mic locker full of the most classic microphones from the history of the recording industry. Well, you can stop imagining.We are proud to announce the Virtual Microphone System – a hybrid system that utilizes an extremely transparent condenser microphone, a sonically neutral preamp, and a plugin module that works in concert with our hardware to replicate some of the world’s finest and most sought-after microphones and preamps. The “VMS” is a hybrid system that utilizes the extremely transparent Slate Digital VMS ML-1 condenser microphone, the VMS-ONE sonically-neutral preamp, and state-of-the-art digital processing suite that recreates the tone of classic microphones and preamps. The Virtual Microphone System collapses the wall standing between audio engineers and expensive world-class audio tools, allowing them access to the virtual microphone locker of their dreams for under a thousand dollars.

The Virtual Microphone System software consists of the Classic Tubes microphone module, which contains eight classic tube microphone models, the FG-73 British discrete preamp module, and the FG-76 German tube preamp module. None of these processing blocks add any latency to the audio signal, so if you use a low latency interface with VMS you can track through the VMS software without any audible monitoring delay. To accomplish this, Slate Digital recommends a Thunderbolt or fast USB interface, recording at 96khz with the lowest buffer size possible. The combination of the 96khz sampling rate and low buffer size ensures the lowest possible latency. To use the VMS software an iLok version 2 or 3 dongle is required.

Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System Features

  • A hybrid microphone and preamp modeling system that gives you access to virtually any signal path tone you can imagine
  • System includes an extremely transparent and totally flat Slate Digital VMS ML-1 cardioid condenser microphone
  • Totally neutral VMS-ONE preamp designed by famed audio designer Paul Wolff ensures minimal coloration, giving you a clean slate for preamp modeling
  • VMS plugin software lets you completely change the tonal characteristics of your recording, even after the fact (iLok 2/3 required)
  • Choose from a collection of classic vintage mic and preamp models as well as unique models for advanced recording techniques
    FG-47: This mic will take you back in time. It’s lush, warm, fat, present, and BIG sounding. If you have a wimpy source, it gets fixed with this mic. It doesn’t have that modern sizzly top-end air, but it takes EQ in the top end like a champion. I love adding some Custom Series 10 kHz when using this mic. By pushing the intensity, it gets even darker, moodier, and a bit more saturated.

    Don’t just use this microphone on vocals. Put it on drums as a room mic. Put it on the outside of a kick. Put it on horns, strings.

    FG-800: The FG-800 is based on a solid performing studio vocal mic. This is a bright and airy microphone. That airy, clear, bright tone works perfectly in a pop mix with no EQ needed. When this mic works, nothing will sound as good. And it actually works a lot, even on modern male rock vocals.

    FG-251: The FG-251 sounds so good on just about everything. It’s the perfect balance of top, middle, and bottom. There is something so flattering about this mic that every singer just sounds better than they do in the actual room. The intensity is really fun with this one. This mic pairs well with both preamps, so try them both using the VMR A->B system.

    FG-12: The FG-12 emulates an Austrian classic known for being incredibly smooth and rich-sounding. Slate chose an absolutely incredible mic to model that is the perfect representation of this famous tone.

    FG-800M: The FG-800M emulates an older Japanese tube mic and is slightly fatter and darker than the stock FG-800. If you love the FG-800 but wish it was a tad less sibilant and bright, you're gonna love this.
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Phone:  Warranty:  2 Years on Hardware

Product Specifications

Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System Specifications
  • Microphone Type: Large Diaphragm Condenser
  • Microphone Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Microphone Output Type: 1 x XLR
  • Preamp Input Type: 1 x XLR-1/4" combo
  • Preamp Output Type: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" TRS
  • Included Software: VMS Classic Tubes 1 & 2, Virtual Preamp Collection (iLok 2/3 Required)
  • OS Requirements - Mac: Quad Core i5 or higher, OS X 10.8 or later (VST, AU, AAX)
  • OS Requirements - PC: Quad Core i5 or higher, Windows 7 SP1 or later (VST, AAX)
  • Included Accessories: Shockmount, Carrying Case

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