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Steinberg CC121 USB Cubase Control Surface

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Product Description

Steinberg CC121 Cubase Control Surface; The in-your-face Cubase interface.
Steinberg's CC121 is used for Cubase, worldwide, in many differing production environments. The CC121 interfaces use functional complexity to inspire the creativity of musicians and producers who make music with the world’s most popular music production system. Built with high standards in both manufacturing and materials, CC121 gives complete control of the parameters of Cubase enabling the user to put down the mouse and keyboard and grab a hold of a friendly interface with an analog feel. The Steinberg CC121 control surface has its own unique design architecture to keep the user focused on their Cubase project.

Steinberg CC121 Features
  • Advanced Integration System; Total integrated control of Steinberg’s Cubase
  • Ultra-precision Advanced Integration Controller Knob with point and control support
  • High Quality, 100mm, touch sensitive, motorized, channel or group volume fader
  • Dedicated controls for Cubase channel settings (solo, mute, record arm, pan...)
  • Full Cubase EQ section: 12 Rotary EQ encoders and bypass/mode button
  • Full transport section including jog wheel
  • User-assignable section, adapt the CC121 to your needs
  • Instant plug and play with Cubase-ready LED - no additional setup required
  • Quality engineering and component quality including valuable full metal case
  • Cross-platform support; compatible with Mac and PC
Instant plug and play
CC121 features full plug and play with Cubase, requiring no additional setup as a controller device. A swift, one-step installation procedure as a USB device is all that’s required. Once the CC121 has been installed, Cubase detects the device when launched, and automatically binds CC121 into the Cubase production environment. To reflect this, the Cubase Ready lamp lights up – CC121 is ready to assume control. Instant plug and play is just one of the advantages of CC121 as a fully integrated controller with Cubase, bonding with Cubase to form one exhilaratingly powerful hardware/software production system.

USB bus-powered
The CC121 is powered using the USB bus on your computer. This means simply connecting the CC121 to a USB port offers full control over Cubase. When the included AC adaptor is also connected, the precision fader is motorized, accurately displaying the volume level on the selected track.

Fully mirrored functionality
One of the major advantages of the CC121 is the software-hardware-mirroring. In distinction from DAW controllers you’ll find all Cubase controlling functions in hardware exactly mirrored to their software counterpart. You don’t need to learn where you’ve put the functions on your controller. You can work with your Cubase as intuitive as before but with the convenience of a hardware mixer. It’s possible to control all functions with the push of a button, no more necessity for long mouse clicking ways.

AI Knob AI Knob - Revolutionary Advanced Integration Controller
Perhaps the most innovative area of CC121 is the revolutionary AI Knob, a point and control precision controller. Rather than attempting to replace traditional mouse pointing devices, the AI Knob harnesses the flexibility of a computer mouse to offer unprecedented speed when editing parameters and adjusting settings. The computer mouse is simply moved over the parameter, which is then automatically placed under full precision control through the AI Knob, with no need to make any additional settings in Cubase, any additional software module or on the interface itself. The parameter can be locked to the AI Knob to retain control when the mouse is moved elsewhere onscreen.

Dedicated Cubase controls
The unique AI Knob is paired with a range of dedicated, high-quality hardware controls over a huge range of Cubase transport, channel and EQ features. High-quality controller switches and rotary knobs dedicated to specific functions mean no tedious stepping through parameters for control. Color coding that mirrors the Cubase buttons further supports easy navigation with CC121.

Transport section
The transport section of Cubase can be controlled directly from the CC121, with a compact and easy-to-use transport section that mirrors the Cubase transport bar.
Transport section

Channel section Channel section
The CC121 is specifically designed for Cubase software, providing tremendous efficiency and speed in your workflow. CC121 offers dedicated control of Cubase channel settings including solo/mute, record arm, automation read/write as well as pan - all highlighted in the same color as the graphic control in Cubase. One of the most important features on CC121 is the motorized 100mm touch-sensitive fader. This top-quality component has an absolutely first-class feel normally only found on hardware mixing consoles costing many times more This fader gives precision tactile control over volume settings for the selected track or group. Another advantage of the very tight integration with Cubase comes in the form of the dedicated buttons to open both the VST Channel Settings and selected VST Instrument Track for detailed editing using the AI Knob and mouse.

EQ section
A unique feature of CC121 is the advanced Cubase Channel EQ in hardware form. Twelve dedicated rotary encoders offer precision control of the Cubase Channel EQ. Q-factor, Frequency and Gain all have their own rotary encoder for each band. Additional buttons provide control of the bypass switch for the EQ in the selected track, as well as selection of the EQ type. As with all the dedicated controls, the EQ section on the CC121 has been engineered to offer the best possible controller integration into the Cubase production environment, speeding up workflow and boosting creativity.
EQ section

User-assignable section User-assignable section
The four Function buttons on the front panel can control various parameters of Cubase by assigning the desired parameter to each of these buttons. This may, for example, be zoom settings for the selected track. Also included are templates which automatically assign these controls for you, for example to the Cubase Control Room.
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Product Specifications

Steinberg CC121 Cubase Control Surface Specifications
  • Connectors:
    • USB TO HOST terminal
    • FOOT SW jack
    • DC IN jack
  • Power Supply:
    • USB bus-powered: 5V/500mA
    • Power adaptor (for driving the motorized fader): PA-3C, PA-130 or equivalent
  • Power Consumption:
    • USB bus-powered: 1.5W
    • Power adaptor (for driving the motorized fader): 5W
  • Included Accessories:
    • Power adaptor (PA-3C, PA-130 or equivalent)
    • USB cable
    • CD-ROM (TOOLS for CC121)
    • DVDROM (Cubase AI 4)
    • Operation Manual
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 11.2 x 2.8 x 7.3 inches (284 x 72 x 185 mm)
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)

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