TASCAM TA1VP Vocal Producer Processor With Antares Autotune

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For polished modern vocals, the TASCAM TA1VP Vocal Producer processor has a friendly user interface and capabilities that are easy to use. Co-developed with Antares Audio, the TA1VP features a microphone preamp, compression, de-essing, microphone and tube modeling and Antares’ world-famous Auto-Tune pitch correction. Perfect for live performance, house of worship or studio use, the TA1VP brings your vocal sound into the 21st century.

TASCAM TA1VP Vocal Producer Features
    Antares Auto-Tune Real-time Pitch Correction
    Antare's world renowned Auto-Tune Evo technology lets you correct the pitch of vocals (or solo instruments), in real time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance.

    Antares Microphone Modeling
    Antare's TEC Award winning Microphone Modeler technology lets you give your vocal tracks the characteristics of a variety of high end studio mics as well as adjust the proximity effect associated with mic distance.

    Analog Tube Modeling
    Gives your vocals the warmth of a classic tube preamp.

    Variable Knee Compressor
    A state-of-the-art dynamics processor with threshold, ratio, attack and decay controls aw well as a continuously variable knee characteristic.

    Downward Expanding Gate
    The TA1VP's gate, with threshold and ratio controls, works independently of the compressor to eliminate noise and breath sounds.

    Variable Frequency De-Esser
    The TA1VP's de-esser tames vocal sibilance with threshold, ratio, attack and decay controls as well as a variable high pass frequency to match any vocal perfomance.

    Flexible Parametric EQ
    You can fine tune your vocal sound with two independent bands of equalization that let y ou select from 6 dB or 12 dB high or low cut, high or low shelving with variable slope, bandpass notch and fully parametric peaking.

    Automatic Mono or Stereo Double Tracking
    You can automatically mix a double track into the TA1VP's main output or route it to a seaparate output for post processing and mixing.

    Fully Programmable
    Once you have created the perfect vocal sond for a particular track, every parameter can be saved as a preset for instant recall.

    Factory Presets for a Wide Variety of Vocal Styles
    The TA1VP comes out of the box with an extensive collection of factory presets for a variety of vocal styles. Plus a selection of presets for instrumental and percussion tracks.

    MIDI Automation
    Every variable module parameter can be controlled via MIDI continuous controllers for a real time automation.
A high quality XLR microphone input is provided on the TA1VP front panel, with phantom power for condenser mics. Processing is laid out in simple-to-use blocks on the front panel, each with dedicated buttons and meters to show you exactly what’s being done to the signal. Antares’ microphone and tube modeling takes the input signal and gives it the character of another microphone, with a library of classics to choose from. The De-essing module removes sibilance from your signal before variable-knee compression and gating. A great sounding digital EQ is last in the chain before output.

The Auto-Tune module can be set for any level of pitch correction, in a variety of user-selectable scales. All settings can be recalled through presets on the front panel or through MIDI. Balanced TRS input and outputs are located on the rear panel, including a Double Track out for simulating doubled vocals. A S/PDIF digital output is also provided.

Built for every audio application from live performance to studio mixdown, TASCAM's TA1VP is the only hardware processor with Auto-Tune technology for flawless vocal intonation.

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