ToneWoodAmp Solo Acoustic Guitar Effect Amplifier and Preamp

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Product Description

Enhance your acoustic guitar with rich effects. The ToneWoodAmp works virtually with any electro-acoustic guitar. Experience your acoustic guitar in a whole new way!

What is the ToneWoodAmp
The ToneWoodAmp allows you to play acoustic guitar with different effects, UNPLUGGED – with the effects emanating organically from the guitar’s sound hole and the body itself.

How It Works
Similar to the way the strings excite the top of the guitar to produce sound, ToneWoodAmp excites the back of the instrument, producing sound waves of effects such as reverb, echo, delay, tremolo and more, which interact with the natural sound of the guitar itself.

What Else
The ToneWoodAmp is also a multi-effect processor which you can connect with any Amp/PA system and is also an iDevice interface allowing you to experiment with audio and MIDI apps.

ToneWoodAmp Solo Acoustic Guitar Effect Amplifier and Preamp Features
  • Digital Effects for Acoustic Guitars
    • Includes 8 Programmable Effects:
      • Reverbs (Room, Hall, and Plate)
      • Delay,
      • Tremolo+Delay
      • Leslie
      • Autowah
      • Overdrive
      • Chorus can be replace Overdrive with a USB update
  • Each effect has 3 adjustable parameters plus volume and gain settings.
  • Features 80 memory banks for saving and recalling effect presets.
  • 10 memory locations per effect
  • Save Master Gain/Notch filter settings for up to 5 guitars for switching instruments on the fly.
  • Input is a standard mono 1/4” jack.
  • Output to amp/PA with DI Level and Blend adjustments.
  • Insert jack for audio in and out to external processor or iOS device
  • Virtual Midi using iDevice cable and third-party apps
  • Powered by (3) AA-Batteries
    • The average lifetime of 7 hours.
    • Recommend using rechargeable batteries.
  • he box includes (1) patch cable and (1) magnetic X-brace for mounting.
Amazing Amp-less Acoustic Experience
The ToneWoodAmp provides the newest and most unique acoustic guitar playing experience without the need for an amplifier! It enhances the natural sound of virtually any acoustic guitar, adds depth, texture and effects, and creates a unique surround sound feel never experienced by acoustic guitar players before.

Doubles As a Multi-Effect Processor
The ToneWoodAmp can be used also as a multi-effect processor. In a situation where you need to amplify your guitar, you can connect the output jack to your amp or P.A. system and use the “blend” mode to dial the amount of guitar/effect you want to send out.

Usage of the ToneWoodAmp
    Amazing Effects!
    Add effects to your living room guitar without having to connect to an external amp.

    Make Practice Fun!
    Use while practicing to make it a more fun experience.

    Write and compose with the ToneWoodAmp and get inspired by the new voicing and soundscapes you can create.

    New Tones
    Develop new tones and voicings for your guitar.

    Travel Companion
    Miss your amp when traveling? The ToneWoodAmp is your new perfect companion for your traveling acoustic guitar.

    Experiment with Apps!
    Experiment with apps such as Virtual MIDI, guitar effects and other music apps (requires iDevice and apps).

    Multi-Effect Processor
    Use as an acoustic multi-effect processor to connect with a P.A. system.

    Amazing Solo Performance
    Boost your solo performance when there is an unplugged house concert or live plugged stage performance.
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Product Specifications

ToneWoodAmp Solo for Acoustic guitars
  • Inputs and outputs: the TWAmp has one 1/4″ input (from guitar), one 1/4″ output (to amp or P.A.) and one 1/8″ TRRS I/O for iDevice (and other devices).
  • Effects: Built-in 8 effects: 3 types of Reverbs, Echo/Delay, Tremolo/Delay, Leslie style Tremolo, Auto-Wah, and Overdrive. (+Chorus Via USB Update)
  • Effect parameters: each effect has three parameters. For example, the delay/echo effect has the following: Speed, Feedback and Reverb.
  • Save/recall of effect settings: there are 10 memory locations for each effect where you can store/recall favorite effect settings.
  • Power: 3 AA batteries hold for an average of 8 hours.

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