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    Audix DP7 Seven Microphone Drum Package With Case And Clamps

    From  $899.00$899.00
    8 Payments of $112.38
    Audix DP7 Drum Microphone Package; Record with All Your Drums and Cymbals Covered!! The DP7 package represents an outstanding combination of seven microphones designed to meet the demands  ...
    Audix FP7 Fusion Drum Microphone Seven Pack With Case And Clamps

    From  $499.00$499.00
    8 Payments of $62.38
    The Audix FP7 7-Piece Fusion drum microphone package has revolutionized drum and percussion miking by designing specific mics for specific instruments.   Built to withstand the rigors of live stage  ...
    Audix DP4 Four Microphone Drum Package With Case And Clamps

    From  $399.00$399.00
    8 Payments of $49.88
    The DP4 mic package from Audio is a combination of 4 essential, high-quality drum microphones. All mics perform equally well whether it be on a live stage or in the studio. Included in the DP4 drum mic package is  ...
    Audix ADX51 Cardioid Studio Condenser Instrument Microphone

    From  $229.00$229.00
    4 Payments of $57.25
    The Audix ADX51 Instrument Condenser Microphone is a studio workhorse! The ADX51 is a pre-polarized condenser microphone designed to handle a wide variety of live, studio and broadcast  ...
    Audix D6B Large Diaphragm Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone Black

    From  $199.00$199.00
    4 Payments of $49.75
    The Audix D6 Bass Drum Microphone will satisfy anyone looking for a huge, clean, undistorted kick drum sound in stage or studio applications. Bass Drum Mic Rule #1: If you want your kick  ...
    Audix f50 Dynamic Cardioid Handheld Vocal Microphone

    From  $49.00$49.00
    4 Payments of $32.49
    The Audix Fusion F50 microphone  is designed for a variety of applications for both live sound and studio recording. The Fusion F50 reproduces warm, natural sound and is popular for its  ...
    Audix OM3 Dynamic Hypercardioid Handheld Vocal Microphone

    From  $129.00$129.00
    4 Payments of $32.25
    The Audix OM3 Dynamic Vocal Microphone is an American-made, hand held vocal mic designed specifically for live performance. A pretty good reason might be that the very smooth and very powerful Audix OM3  ...
    Audix CBLDR25 25' Right Angle XLR Microphone Cable

    From  $29.95$29.95
    The professional Audix CBLDR25 is a premium microphone cable that delivers your sound with more presence, wider frequency response and excellent dynamic range. This high quality Audix cable features dual  ...
    Audix CabGrabber Compact Mic Clamp For Guitar Amps And Cabinets

    From  $49.95$49.95
    The Audix CabGrabber and CabGrabber XL are effective compact microphone mounting systems for guitar and bass speaker cabinets. An advantage when using the CabGrabber is you can place your microphone on either side  ...
    Audix D6 Kick Drum Microphone Coffee Mug Black

    From  $12.99$12.99
    Display your pride for Audix and enjoy a good cup of Joe! Polar pattern: Holds at least 8oz. of coffee with plenty of room for milk and sugar  ...