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    Blackstar Amplification

    Blackstar HTClub50 Guitar Amplifier Head

    From  $799.99ex VAT$799.99inc VAT
    8 Payments of $100.00
    Blackstar has added the HT Club 50 Guitar Amplifier Head to their HT Venue Series. This tube powered 50 watt head relies on a pair of EL34 power tubes, and two 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes. The HT  ...
    Blackstar ID100TVP Programmable Guitar Amplifier Head

    From  $404.95ex VAT$404.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $150.00
    The Blackstar ID100TVP Programmable Guitar Amplifier Head is an incredibly flexible amp that can nail the tone of the best tube amps made! The unique controls allow you to custom design your own  ...
    Blackstar Series One 1046L6 Guitar Amplifier Head

    From  $1,669.00ex VAT$1,669.00inc VAT
    5 Payments of $333.80
    The Blackstar S11046L6 4 Channel Guitar Amplifier Head offers clean and crunch channels, plus two high gain overdrive channels (with high and low output damping) plus a second overdrive channel EQ  ...
    Blackstar HT Stage 60 Guitar Combo Amplifier

    From  $749.95ex VAT$749.95inc VAT
    8 Payments of $125.00
    Pure Power, Pure Tone, Pure Blackstar Amplification in a 2x12 combo! Featuring a duet of EL34s that provide 60 watts of glorious valve power through two high quality Celestion speakers,  ...
    Blackstar HTClub40 Guitar Combo Amplifier

    From  $559.95ex VAT$559.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $186.65
    Vintage Look with Modern Tone Shaping Versatility! With a cool vintage look, the HT Club 40 Features 2 channels and 4 modes making it an ideal gigging valve amp for club sized venues. The  ...
    Blackstar IDCore BEAM Bluetooth Guitar Combo Amplifier

    From  $279.99ex VAT$279.99inc VAT
    3 Payments of $93.33
    A super wide stereo guitar amp, the ID Core Beam comes equipped with Bluetooth and dedicated channels for electric, bass and acoustic guitars. The ID:Core BEAM is also a true hi-fi music playback system that is  ...
    Blackstar HTMetal 412 4x12 Angled Guitar Cabinet

    From  $649.99ex VAT$649.99inc VAT
    3 Payments of $216.67
    Equipped with Celestion drivers, this HT Metal 412 Guitar Cabinet has been voiced to be effective with the HT Metal range amplifiers, along with many other products. Cabs come complete with  ...
    Blackstar Series One 412B Straight 4x12 Guitar Amp Cabinet

    From  $699.95ex VAT$699.95inc VAT
    8 Payments of $137.50
    The oversized vintage Blackstar Series One 412B straight cab is built to the highest standards using the finest materials. Every care has been taken with the design of these cabinets to ensure that they produce  ...
    Blackstar HTV412 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    From  $599.99ex VAT$599.99inc VAT
    3 Payments of $200.00
    The HT Venue Series has four outstanding speaker cabinets that are all equipped with Celestion drivers and have been voiced to work with the HT Venue amplifiers, as well as a wide range of other products. All the  ...
    Blackstar FS10 Footcontroller for ID Series Amps

    From  $89.99ex VAT$89.99inc VAT
    For owners of the fantastic ID Series amps from Blackstar, this is a must have! The Blackstar FS-10 Footcontroller for ID Series Amps gives you simple on-the-fly control of your ID:Series  ...
    Blackstar LT DRIVE Overdrive Guitar Pedal

    From  $79.99ex VAT$79.99inc VAT
    The LT DRIVE pedal from Blackstar delivers gain from warm boost to screaming lead saturation. Blackstar’s patent-applied-for clipping circuit delivers amazing valve-like tone and compression for a wide  ...
    Blackstar LT DUAL Distortion Guitar Pedal

    From  $124.95ex VAT$124.95inc VAT
    The LT DUAL offers the ultimate in distortion flexibility. Channel 1 lets you move from clean, to boost to overdrive. Channel 2 then takes you from super crunch right up to screaming lead. The unique switching  ...