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    Cable Accessories

    Neutrik NA4LJX Speakon to 1/4 Inch Female Adapter

    From  $8.95$8.95
    Keep Your 1/4' Cables! This clever adapter lets you connect to any power amp or speaker cabinet that has a Speakon jack, without cutting off the ends of your 1/4' cables to rewire them. Simply slip  ...
    Hosa GXJ235 1/4 Inch TRS to XLR Male Adaptor

    From  $5.95$5.95
    The Hosa GXJ235 adaptor is designed to adapt a balanced phone plug to an XLR input. The GXJ235 features 1/4 inch TRS balanced to an XLR male plug.  ...
    Hosa GXJ183 1/4 Inch TRS to XLR Female Adaptor

    From  $6.95$6.95
    This Hosa GXJ183 1/4 Inch TRS to XLR Female Adaptor is designed to adapt a balanced phone plug to an XLR  ...
    On Stage CTA6600 Velcro Cable Ties 5 Pack Black

    From  $2.95$2.95
    Control your unruly cables with these adjustable durable fabric strips. The OnStage CTA6600 velcro cable ties provide an easy, neat way to secure your guitar, mic and power cords. These fabric strips feature  ...
    Gafftech GaffGun with Large Cable Guide

    From  $219.00$219.00
    3 Payments of $73.00
    Keep your cables neat and organized with the revolutionary GaffGun! Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, the GaffGun both gathers cables and effortlessly lays tape over them. The large GaffGun bundle includes  ...
    Hosa WTI148 Velcro Organizer

    From  $60.00$60.00
    Keep your cables organized and preserve your signal quality with the Hosa WTI148 cable organizer. A sleek and easy way for good cable management which is important to good sound quality. These  ...
    dbx CT3 Advanced Audio Cable Tester With Test Tone Generator

    From  $114.95$114.95
    3 Payments of $43.32
    An advanced cable tester, the dbx CT3 allows you to evaluate a large variety of cables with ease. The CT3 offers many common connectors such as RJ45, RJ11, MIDI, Speaker Twist, XLR, RCA Phono, BNC, DIN, TRS, TS,  ...
    dbx CT2 Audio and DMX Cable Tester

    From  $34.95$34.95
    Keep the music flowing with the dbx CT2 cable tester. Do not disappoint your audience or be frustrated when your audio cables fail. With the dbx CT2 cable testing unit you can now evaluate a large variety of your  ...
    Behringer CT200 8 in 1 Cable Tester

    From  $39.99$39.99
    Make sure every cable in your arsenal is in good working order with the invaluable CT200 cable tester. The CT200 is a microprocessor-controlled 8-in-1 cable tester that features 3 modes: cable and installed cable  ...