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D'Addario Strings

D'Addario EXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

From  $3.95ex VAT$3.95inc VAT
EXL110 EXL110, D'Addario's best selling set, offers the ideal combination of tone, flexibility and long life. The standard for most electric guitars.  ...
DAddario DIY Solderless Pedalboard Cable Kit

From  $69.99ex VAT$69.99inc VAT
Custom cut cable to suit your pedal board's layout. The plugs and cables in this kit are specially designed for quick and reliable assembly. Just measure, cut, screw, and you're done. Includes 10 feet of cable, 10  ...
Daddario NYXL Nickel Wound 7-String Electric Guitar Strings

From  $14.99ex VAT$14.99inc VAT
NYXL1059 is designed with the most popular 7-string gauges for comfortable playability and an ideal electric tone. NYXL1164 is designed with larger gauges for 7-string players who prefer moderate  ...
D'Addario EJ Series Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

From  $5.95ex VAT$5.95inc VAT
EJ15 D'Addario's lightest gauge of acoustic strings, EJ15s are ideal for beginners or any player that prefers a softer tone and easy bending. EJ26  ...
D'Addario EXP26 Coated Phosphor Bronze Strings 2 Pack With Free Capo

From  $21.95ex VAT$21.95inc VAT
D'Addario EXPs are the most natural-sounding, longest-lasting coated strings available. EXP Coated Technology starts with the highest quality wrap wire materials, precision drawn and micro-coated on our advanced  ...
D'Addario EJ38 Phosphor Bronze 12-String Acoustic Guitar Strings

From  $9.95ex VAT$9.95inc VAT
EJ38, D'Addario's most popular 12-string set, offers the ideal balance of volume, projection and comfortable playability. Designed for all makes and models of 12-string acoustic  ...
D'Addario ECB81 XL Chromes Flatwound Electric Bass Guitar Strings

From  $31.95ex VAT$31.95inc VAT
ECB81, DAddario's best-selling Flatwound bass strings, are known for their warm, mellow tone and smooth polished feel. Chromes deliver a deep, rich low bottom end which makes them the flat wound choice of Jazz,  ...
D'Addario EXL160-5 XL Nickel Wound 5 String Bass Guitar Strings

From  $21.95ex VAT$21.95inc VAT
EXL160-5 is the 5-string version of D’Addario’s top-selling heavy gauge bass string set. With the addition of the .135 gauge low B string, this set provides an ideal combination of  ...
D'Addario EXL160BT Bass Strings 2 Pack with Free Pegwinder

From  $34.95ex VAT$34.95inc VAT
D'Addario XL Electric Bass strings are world-renowned as The Player's Choice amongst bass players of all genres and styles. XL strings are wound with nickelplated steel, known for it's distinctive bright  ...
D'Addario EJ88T Nyltech Tenor Ukulele Strings

From  $5.95ex VAT$5.95inc VAT
DAddario EJ88T Tenor Nyltech Ukulele Strings are designed for use with tenor ukuleles utilizing D’addario’s exclusive Nyltech material. Optimized for standard GCEA tuning, the Tenor set, developed in  ...
Daddario Electric Solidbody Ukulele String Set

From  $2.69ex VAT$2.69inc VAT
Made from the highest quality round steel wire with D’Addario’s patented Lock Twist method, which makes certain the ball end won’t separate from the string. These strings will provide musicians  ...
D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Baritone Ukulele Strings

From  $5.49ex VAT$5.49inc VAT
DAddario EJ88S Soprano Nyltech Ukulele Strings are designed specifically for baritone ukuleles. The higher 3rd and 4th string are a silver-plated copper wound on nylon to give you an incredible bright tone that  ...
D'Addario EJ27N Classics Classical Guitar Strings

From  $4.95ex VAT$4.95inc VAT
The DAddario EJ27 Classical Guitar Strings are great for beginners and students. This set contains 3 clear nylon trebles and 3 silverplated copper wound on nylon basses for warm, long  ...
D'Addario EJ45 Pro Arte Classical Guitar Strings Normal P028-43

From  $7.95ex VAT$7.95inc VAT
Pro-Arte, the world's most popular classical strings are D'Addario's premium classical guitar string sets. All Pro-Arte treble strings are sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine which performs  ...
D'Addario Pro Arte Classical Guitar Strings

From  $11.95ex VAT$11.95inc VAT
EJ44TT EJ44TT, extra-hard tension, features Pro-Arté DynaCore basses and titanium trebles for the perfect blend of tone, brightness, and projection.  ...