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Guitar Amp Speakers

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  • Electro Voice EVM12L Zakk Wylde Black Label Guitar Speaker
    Known for huge tone, gorgeous low-end and incredible stability at extreme volumes, the EVM12L has been the choice of guitarists since its introduction in 1983. The EVM12L Black Label is the ...
    Price: $361.00
    Save: $91.05 (25%)
    $269.95ex VAT      $269.95inc VAT
    3 Payments of $89.99
  • Electro Voice EVM12L Classic Guitar Speaker
    The new Electro Voice EVM12L Classic is a 200 watt version of the original EVM12L Pro-Line The EVM12L Classic was designed for professional high-level, high-quality musical instrument and sound ...
    Price: $309.00
    Save: $44.00 (14%)
    $265.00ex VAT      $265.00inc VAT
    3 Payments of $88.34
  • Celestion Rocket 50 12" Guitar Speaker Package
    The Celestion Rocket 50 Guitar Speaker is a great all around 12 inch replacement for cabinets or combos. Lots of high end harmonics and smooth mid bass with no boomy bottom to clog the rippin’ top end. 50 watts, 8 ...
    Price: $316.00
    Save: $176.05 (56%)
    $49.95 - $139.95
    From  $49.95ex VAT      $49.95inc VAT
  • Eminence American Standard Delta 15LFA - 15" Replacement Speaker
    The Eminence Delta 15LFA model is specially designed with extended Xmax to deliver more bass than standard models and provide a true woofer for three-way applications. Performance is optimized for high ...
    $94.99ex VAT      $94.99inc VAT
  • Celestion Alnico Gold 12" Guitar Speaker
    Building on the platform of the Alnico Blue, the Celestion Gold is a higher-powered, Alnico-magnet speaker that recreates the unmistakable sonic signature of a ‘well played-in’ Alnico. Over time, the ...
    Price: $440.00
    Save: $151.00 (34%)
    $289.00ex VAT      $289.00inc VAT
    3 Payments of $96.34
  • Celestion G12M Greenback 12" Guitar Speaker
    The Celestion Greenback, with its distinctive green magnet cover, helped shape the sound of British Rock in the 60s and 70s. The G12M Greenback has evolved over the decades but still retains its essential, ...
    Price: $185.00
    Save: $60.00 (32%)
    $125.00ex VAT      $125.00inc VAT
  • Eminence Patriot Swamp Thang - 12" Guitar Speaker
    The Eminence Swamp Thang guitar speaker will transform your cab into an all out powerhouse! Designed with heavier players in mind, the Swamp Thang provides a thick and chunky tone with loads of ...
    $94.99ex VAT      $94.99inc VAT
  • Eminence Patriot Cannabis Rex - 12" Guitar Speaker
    The Eminence Cannabis Rex is a very special speaker featuring a hemp cone for smokey smooth low end with great mid range definition and bite. A very slick design coaxes 102dB from only one watt ...
    $84.99ex VAT      $84.99inc VAT
  • Eminence Legend B810 - 10" Bass Amplifier Speaker
    Eminence Legend B810 is a 32 ohm, 10 inch stamped frame bass guitar driver with a true classic design. It’s modern features include an M-roll surround for higher excursion and less cone breakage, a double ...
    $74.99ex VAT      $74.99inc VAT
  • Celestion G12H-75 Creamback 12" Guitar Speaker
    Back in the late 60s, the Celestion G12H was created by fixing an 'H' type (heavy) magnet to the body of a G12M guitar speaker. Result: a speaker with more power and a different tonal balance: firmer bass and a ...
    Price: $225.00
    Save: $56.00 (25%)
    $154.95 - $169.00
    From  $154.95ex VAT      $154.95inc VAT
  • Celestion Heritage G12-65 12" Guitar Speaker
    Originally created in the late 70s using more modern techniques and materials for a higher power handling, the G12-65 is widely regarded as one of the best speakers ever produced for use in a 4x12 cabinet. With ...
    Price: $250.00
    Save: $85.00 (34%)
    $165.00ex VAT      $165.00inc VAT
  • Eminence Patriot Ragin Cajun - 10" Guitar Speaker
    The Eminence Patriot Series Ragin Cajun Guitar Speaker is very loud, touch sensitive and responsive with nice bell sounding top end and a little bite. This speaker has a 75 watt power rating and ...
    Price: $279.96
    Save: $29.97 (11%)
    $69.99 - $249.99
    From  $69.99ex VAT      $69.99inc VAT
    3 Payments of $83.33
  • Celestion Alnico Blue 12" Guitar Speaker
    The Celestion Blue was the world’s first dedicated guitar loudspeaker and a part of musical history. Back in the 1950s, Celestion witnessed the emergence of a new breed of musician – the electric ...
    Price: $420.00
    Save: $141.00 (34%)
    $279.00ex VAT      $279.00inc VAT
    3 Payments of $93.00
  • Eminence Legend BP102 - 10" Bass Amplifier Speaker
    Back by popular demand! The Eminence Legend BP102 has been a staple product for many bass guitar wonders over the past 10 years. Eminence has had so many requests for this speaker, Eminence ...
    $74.99ex VAT      $74.99inc VAT
  • Celestion Vintage 30 12" Guitar Speaker
    The Celestion Vintage 30 was originally developed in 1986. To meet the demands of a new breed of hard rock player and their increasingly ‘hot-rodded’ amplifiers, we set out to develop a modern speaker, ...
    Price: $215.00
    Save: $70.00 (33%)
    $145.00ex VAT      $145.00inc VAT
  • Eminence Legend CB158 - 15" Bass Amplifier Speaker
    With a cast aluminum frame, 2.5 inch voice coil, and 300 watts of power-handling, this speaker is the best choice for the serious player! Many bassists have historically chosen 10 inch speakers in their rigs for ...
    $134.99ex VAT      $134.99inc VAT
  • Eminence Legend EM12 - 12" Guitar Speaker
    A new addition to Eminence’s popular Legend Series of guitar speakers is the 12”, 200 watt Legend EM12. As the name suggests, the Legend Series offers classic tones from the past that have been ...
    $149.99ex VAT      $149.99inc VAT
  • Eminence Patriot Texas Heat Guitar Speaker
    The Eminence Texas Heat is the perfect guitar speaker for southern rock or blues guitarist. The Texas Heat delivers a nice warm, fat tone with a little top end bite and clarity to cut through a mix ...
    $79.99 - $289.98
    From  $79.99ex VAT      $79.99inc VAT
    3 Payments of $96.66
  • Eminence Patriot Red White and Blues - 12" Guitar Speaker
    The Eminence Patriot Series Red White and Blues Guitar Speaker gives you a nice tight low-end, smooth midrange and top end sparkle. This 120 watt, 8 ohm speaker is the American cousin to the ...
    $79.99ex VAT      $79.99inc VAT
  • Celestion G1250GL Lynchback 12" Guitar Speaker
    The G12-50GL Lynchback is a replacement speaker built to meet guitar legend George Lynch's exacting tonal requirements. In 2010, George challenged Celestion to build his dream guitar loudspeaker. He wanted a new ...
    Price: $195.00
    Save: $56.00 (29%)
    $139.00ex VAT      $139.00inc VAT
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