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Guitar EQ Pedals

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  • MXR M108 Ten Band Equalizer Pedal
    The MXR M-108 EQ delivers total control. After all, that’s really what guitarists want, isn't it? The MXR M-108 provides extreme control over the ten most crucial frequencies for guitar. But that’s not ...
    Price: $171.42
    Save: $51.43 (30%)
    $119.99ex VAT      $119.99inc VAT
  • MXR M109 6 Band Graphic Equalizer Pedal
    Six bands, each based one octave apart with boost and cut 18 dB on each band. Equalizes complete response range from electric guitar to bass - 100Hz to 3.2kHz. Also great for pickups on acoustic guitars. The ...
    Price: $114.28
    Save: $34.29 (30%)
    $79.99ex VAT      $79.99inc VAT
  • Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer Pedal
    The Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer is The Ultimate 7-Band Graphic EQ Great things come in small packages! Shape your sound effortlessly and eliminate feedback with 7 EQ bands. Tackle frequencies ...
    Price: $37.99
    Save: $13.00 (34%)
    $24.99ex VAT      $24.99inc VAT
  • Boss GE7 EQ Pedal
    The Boss GE7 7-band EQ pedal is a secret weapon for many guitar players. The GE7 provides legendary Boss reliability, clean equalization with frequency centers where they do the most good for guitar. ...
    Price: $173.50
    Save: $64.50 (37%)
    $99.95 - $109.00
    From  $99.95ex VAT      $99.95inc VAT
  • Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack Equalizer Pedal
    The Electro Harmonix Knockout is a powerful two-filter combination pedal that makes your humbuckers sound like single coils and your Strat sound like a Tele. Use it after distortion for the heavyweight punch of ...
    Price: $90.53
    Save: $22.63 (25%)
    $67.90ex VAT      $67.90inc VAT
  • J Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Revolver Pedal
    The Mark Sampson designed Revolver was created based off of a custom stereo amp that Mark designed. I sat and played that amp for hours and was just mesmerized at how magical the sound was! The Revolver is an ...
    Price: $389.00
    Save: $100.00 (26%)
    $289.00ex VAT      $289.00inc VAT
    3 Payments of $96.34
  • J Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson MAX Boost Pedal
    The Mark Sampson designed MAX pedal is a necessary tool for any player! It is a buffer/Booster/Harmonic Enhancer and can be used with Bass Guitar and Guitar since it passes low bass frequencies. You will notice an ...
    Price: $329.00
    Save: $90.00 (27%)
    $239.00ex VAT      $239.00inc VAT
  • Fender Micro EQ Guitar Pedal
    Whether you're connected to a full range of pedals or simply want to fine-tune your tone, the Fender Micro EQ pedal offers master level control of individual frequencies with complete precision. Designed ...
    Price: $99.99
    Save: $20.00 (20%)
    $79.99ex VAT      $79.99inc VAT
  • Danelectro Fish and Chips 7-Band EQ Pedal
    7-band graphic EQ for stage or studio use. Noise free. Level control for boost or cut. AmericanMusical.com is an authorized dealer of Danelectro ...
    Price: $49.00
    Save: $19.05 (39%)
    $29.95ex VAT      $29.95inc VAT