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Guitar Modulation Effects

TC Electronic Corona TonePrint Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

From  $91.95ex VAT$91.95inc VAT
The TC Electronic Corona Chorus is your go-to pedal for all your shimmering and warbly goodness. With two different chorus settings, the classic world-renowned TC Electronic SCF pedal and a  ...
TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus Guitar Pedal

From  $99.99ex VAT$99.99inc VAT
Plug this little baby into your rig and you’ll be amazed at the lush chorus and remarkable versatility TC Electronic loaded it with! The Corona Mini chorus pedal yields lush, thick and swirly sounds in a  ...
Boss CH1 Super Chorus Pedal

From  $99.00ex VAT$99.00inc VAT
The Boss CH1 Super Chorus Pedal features sharp sounds with clear highs, and a stereo effect that varies depending on the spacing between the left and right speakers. The EQ function allows you to  ...
MXR M101 Phase 90 Phaser Pedal

From  $79.99ex VAT$79.99inc VAT
The MXR Phase 90 delivers the classic four-stage phasing sound with continuously variable speed control. The Phase 90 has a fixed regeneration level that adds intensity and sounds great on guitars and keyboards.  ...
MXR EVH90 Van Halen Phase 90 Pedal

From  $129.99ex VAT$129.99inc VAT
The MXR EVH 90 Van Halen Phase 90 lets you grab a piece of Eddie's magic! The MXR EVH 90 is a collaboration between Eddie Van Halen and Dunlop Manufacturing that represents a totally redesigned,  ...
Mooer Micro Ninety Orange Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal

From  $88.00ex VAT$88.00inc VAT
The Mooer Micro Ninety Orange Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal is a dynamic pedal that will use up very little of your pedalboard real estate. Its’ full analog circuit provides a great warm, deep  ...
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger Pedal

From  $149.99ex VAT$149.99inc VAT
Ibanez AF2 Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger Pedal; Two pedals in one tough package. If you love the flange effect, and we know you do, the AF2 contains both a traditional chorus Taxi flange and  ...
TC Electronic Vortex TonePrint Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal

From  $129.00ex VAT$129.00inc VAT
The TC Electronic Vortex Flanger will take you from a classic flange sound to a 747 taking off! Vortex Flanger allows you to toggle between a classic flange or a through zero tape-flange plus a  ...
MXR EVH117 Van Halen Flanger Pedal

From  $189.99ex VAT$189.99inc VAT
The MXR EVH117 Van Halen Flanger Pedal - Dunlop did it again! Dunlop has once again partnered with Edward Van Halen to present a new spin on a classic tone. Everyone knows that it was the MXR  ...