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Guitar Straps

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  • Vorson G04 Skull with Hat Flashing LED Light-Up Guitar Strap
    With flashing blue LED’s in Skull with Hat medallions, the Vorson G04 Skull with Hat Flashing LED Light-Up Guitar Strap will make any guitarist stand out on stage like no other! This high ...
    Price: $49.99
    Save: $37.04 (74%)
    $12.95ex VAT      $12.95inc VAT
  • Vorson 09j101 Premium Embossed Leather Guitar Strap
    Vorson’s premium black leather guitar and bass strap comes fully embossed top to bottom and features a padded black back. Vorson 09J101 Guitar Strap Features ...
    Price: $29.99
    Save: $10.00 (33%)
    $19.99ex VAT      $19.99inc VAT
  • Perri's Leathers P25SMS Double Stitched Leather Guitar Strap
    The white double stitching of the Perri's Leathers P25SMS Double Stitched Leather Guitar Strap gives it a great look and fantastic durability. With a width of 2.5 inches and an adjustable length ...
    Price: $32.99
    Save: $17.04 (52%)
    $15.95ex VAT      $15.95inc VAT
  • Levys PM44T03 Carving Leather Guitar Strap
    The Levy’s PM44T03 is a 3 inch carving leather guitar strap tooled with a paisley pattern. Also has foam padding and garment leather backing. Nice pattern for those Paisley days! ...
    Price: $88.38
    Save: $18.43 (21%)
    $69.95ex VAT      $69.95inc VAT
  • Levys MSSC8 Cotton Guitar Strap
    Levy's basic cotton guitar straps use the highest quality cotton webbing that is both soft and firm. The straps are lightweight, and because the surface of cotton has a 'grippy' texture, they help to keep ...
    Price: $34.14
    Save: $12.19 (36%)
    $21.95ex VAT      $21.95inc VAT
  • Levys M22 Cotton Ukulele Strap
    3/8 inches wide and made of cotton webbing, the Levys M22 Cotton Ukulele Strap is adjustable to 25 inches. The Ukulele strap has plastic sound-hole hook and tri-glide adjustment. ...
    Price: $25.25
    Save: $8.30 (33%)
    $16.95ex VAT      $16.95inc VAT
  • Gibson Fatboy Guitar Strap
    When you want to sling your guitar in luxury, reach for a Fatboy. The Fatboy Strap is made with a half-inch of thick memory foam and covered in top-quality, full-grain top leather for the ultimate ...
    Price: $179.99
    Save: $40.00 (22%)
    $139.99ex VAT      $139.99inc VAT
  • Franklin VB Glove Leather Vintage Bass Strap
    Simple, functional, beautiful! This traditional -style strap has been given the Franklin signature and widened to a full 3.5 inches. The leather is a deeply oiled glove leather with perforated leather backing. We ...
    $69.99ex VAT      $69.99inc VAT
  • Franklin 102 Deluxe Side Leather Guitar Strap
    The 102 Series is a no-frills leather strap with a substantial weight that will not break the bank. The 102 strap combines the proprietary Franklin end tab treatment with quality leather and a natural-feeling, ...
    $21.99ex VAT      $21.99inc VAT
  • Eagle Mountain Guitar Strap with Sheepskin Pad
    This is a double adjustable strap with 12 inches of sheepskin lining. It features a leather pad and is available in black or ...
    Price: $26.95
    Save: $7.00 (26%)
    $19.95ex VAT      $19.95inc VAT
  • Dunlop Nylon Tweed Guitar Strap
    The Dunlop Tweed Guitar Strap: Two flavors of vintage. These tweed beauties conjure images of great guitars, amps, and music. Available in Classic, Rust and ...
    Price: $22.05
    Save: $9.10 (41%)
    $12.95ex VAT      $12.95inc VAT
  • DiMarzio ClipLock Guitar Strap
    The Dimarzio DD2200 Cliplock guitar strap is by far on of strongest and most durable guitar straps on the market today. Designed specifically for musicians looking for incredible comfort and ...
    $24.95ex VAT      $24.95inc VAT
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