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    Hosa ProConex Little Bro' Sub Snakes Xlr x 8

    From  $84.95ex VAT$84.95inc VAT
    The Hosa Pro Conex Little Bro Snake is a compact, pro-quality snake. Perfect for the stage or studio, this snake provides 8 XLR channels with no returns. One simple connection to hook up 8  ...
    Hosa DBD303 Balanced Snake DB25 to DB25 Connections

    From  $17.90ex VAT$17.90inc VAT
    Balanced Snake: DB25 to Same. This snake is designed to interconnect gear with DB25 sockets. It is ideal for use with mixing consoles, patch bays, and multitrack recorders. Hosa DBD303  ...
    Hosa DTP803 Balanced Snake DB25 to 1/4" TRS

    From  $53.90ex VAT$53.90inc VAT
    Unlike the Alesis format which uses one snake for both ins and outs, Tascam and Fostex digital multitracks employ a 25-pin D-Sub connector, and therefore require two snakes; one for the inputs and one for the  ...
    Hosa CPE606 Guitar Patch Cable Right Angle 6 Pack

    From  $32.30ex VAT$32.30inc VAT
    The CPE606 pack contains 6 cables that are designed to interconnect electric guitar pedal effects. Right-angle plugs allow close spacing of pedal effects on pedalboards. Hosa CPE606 Guitar  ...
    Hosa Guitar Patch Cables

    From  $7.10ex VAT$7.10inc VAT
    The Hosa CPE106 patch cable is designed to interconnect electric guitar pedal effects. Right-angle plugs allow close spacing of pedal effects on pedalboards. Hosa CPE106 Guitar Patch Cable  ...
    Hosa Stereo Interconnect Dual RCA to Dual RCA Cables

    From  $5.40ex VAT$5.40inc VAT
    The Hosa Cable CRA201 Dual RCA To Dual RCA Cable features precision molding of all plastics and high-tolerance tooling ensure tight, positive connections. Hosa's Limited Lifetime Warranty expresses their  ...
    Hosa HMP Pro Stereo Breakout REAN 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 In TS

    From  $12.00ex VAT$12.00inc VAT
    This cable is designed to connect an audio device with a mini stereo phone output to pro audio gear with unbalanced phone inputs. It is ideal for connecting a portable media player, laptop, or similar device to a  ...
    Hosa Y Cable 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 3.5 mm TRS Female

    From  $4.80ex VAT$4.80inc VAT
    Ideal for use as a headphone adaptor, adapting one headphone jack to two headphones, the Hosa YMM232 1/8 Inch TRS to Dual 1/8 Inch TRS Female Y Cable is designed to duplicate a stereo  ...
    Hosa Y Cable 1/4 Inch TS to Dual 1/4 Inch TS Female

    From  $4.80ex VAT$4.80inc VAT
    Backed by Hosa's Limited Lifetime Warranty, the high quality Hosa YPP111 1/4 inch TS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Y Cable features precision-molded terminations, braided shields, and heavy-duty insulation.  ...
    Hosa PWX Power Extension Cords NEMA 515R To NEMA 515P

    From  $18.40ex VAT$18.40inc VAT
    This heavy duty, 14 gauge extension cable is designed to extend a power cord with a NEMA 5-15 plug to line power. It is ideal for use with computer equipment and pro audio gear. Hosa Cable  ...
    Hosa GST437 Guitar Stand, Traditional Style

    From  $11.25ex VAT$11.25inc VAT
    Easy set up and easy to use! The traditional styled Hosa GST437 guitar stand is ideal for displaying your guitar. Great for practice or at home, your guitar safely rests in the GST437 without it  ...
    Hosa PWC Power Cord IEC C13 to NEMA 515P

    From  $6.60ex VAT$6.60inc VAT
    The PWC400 series power cable is designed to connect an electrical appliance with a C14 inlet to line power. It is ideal for use with computer equipment and pro audio gear.  ...
    Hosa SKJ Edge Speaker Cables Neutrik 1/4 Inch TS

    From  $29.00ex VAT$29.00inc VAT
    Hosa SKJ200 speaker cables are designed to provide years of dependable service. High-quality components and world-class manufacturing combine to deliver products of exceptional value. Hosa  ...
    Hosa HMIC Pro Microphone Cables REAN XLR3F to XLRM

    From  $9.10ex VAT$9.10inc VAT
    The Hosa HMIC Pro XLR Microphone Cable is engineered to deliver years of rock-solid reliability. Combining REAN connectors by Neutrik AG with world-class manufacturing techniques, they redefine  ...
    Hosa HPE Headphone Extension Cables

    From  $6.80ex VAT$6.80inc VAT
    The Hosa Headphone Extension Cable adds extra length of cabling to your headphones. Whether you are in the studio or at home relaxing, the Hosa headphone extension cable gives you room to move  ...