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Interconnect Cables

CBI BL2A10 1/4 Inch TRS to 1/4 Inch TRS Balanced Cable

From  $9.95ex VAT$9.95inc VAT
The CBI BL2A cables feature flexible shielding and 24 gage balanced wire for crystal clear sound quality. Perfect for when you need that balanced TRS connection on the stage or in the studio. CBI features  ...
Hosa HSS Pro Balanced Interconnect REAN 1/4 In TRS Cable

From  $9.80ex VAT$9.80inc VAT
For use in stage and other live sound applications, this Hosa cable is designed to interconnect pro audio gear with balanced phone jacks. Easily connect your equipment with this quality cable  ...
Mogami Gold 1/4 Inch TRS to 1/4 Inch TRS Balanced Cables

From  $49.95ex VAT$49.95inc VAT
For outstanding neutral tone and noise rejection, Mogami Gold 1/4 Inch TRS to 1/4 Inch TRS Balanced Cable is an excellent interconnect cable for any 1/4 inch balanced line cable. This cable is a  ...
Hosa XRM Unbalanced Interconnect RCA to XLR3M

From  $6.60ex VAT$6.60inc VAT
The Hosa XRM interconnect cable is designed to connect gear with phono outputs to gear with XLR inputs. For best results, match the high output impedance to the low input impedance.  ...
Monster Cable DJ Cable Dual RCA to Dual Phone

From  $19.95ex VAT$19.95inc VAT
High-quality, ultra-durable construction DJ cables for improved sonic performance. Features include ultra-flexible design for easy routing behind turntables, heavy-duty reinforced terminations. Two  ...
Hosa Stereo Interconnect Dual 1/4" TS to Dual RCA

From  $5.90ex VAT$5.90inc VAT
The Hosa Cable Dual 1/4 Inch To RCA interconnects are in use on stages and in home studios all over the world. Heavy-duty, precision molding and high-tolerance tooling mean that you can count on these  ...
Hosa HSX Pro Balanced Interconnect REAN 1/4 In TRS to XLR3M Cables

From  $7.30ex VAT$7.30inc VAT
The Hosa HSX Rean Pro 1/4 Inch TRS to XLR3M Cable is designed to connect gear with balanced phone outputs to gear with XLR inputs. It is ideal for use in touring and other live-sound  ...
CBI BLUC6 Ultimate Series Male XLR to 1/4 Inch TRS Cable

From  $17.95ex VAT$17.95inc VAT
CBI BL Ultimate series cables feature real Neutrik connectors and premium Belden/CBI MLU 'Ultimate' 20ga wire with a braided shield for maximum protection from interference. The braided shield also provides  ...
Mogami Gold 1/4 Inch TRS to XLR Female Cables

From  $43.95ex VAT$43.95inc VAT
This Mogami Gold 1/4 Inch TRS to XLR Female Cable is a popular choice for powered speakers. Mogami Gold TRS to XLR Female uses Neglex Studio Quad cabling, legendary for clarity and freedom from  ...
Hosa Beatport Dual RCA to RCA Cable

From  $29.95ex VAT$29.95inc VAT
The Hosa Beatport Dual RCA to RCA Cable are the ultimate choice for connection of DJ mixers, turntables, CDJs, and DJ controllers. Hosa Beatport Dual RCA cables are strong but flexible enough to  ...
Hosa Stereo Interconnect Dual RCA to Dual RCA Cables

From  $5.40ex VAT$5.40inc VAT
The Hosa Cable CRA201 Dual RCA To Dual RCA Cable features precision molding of all plastics and high-tolerance tooling ensure tight, positive connections. Hosa's Limited Lifetime Warranty expresses their  ...
Hosa Unbalanced Snake RCA to RCA

From  $25.20ex VAT$25.20inc VAT
The Hosa Cable 8 Channel RCA To RCA Recording Snake is a precision-molded RCA-to-RCA low-capacitance recording snake that's just what you need when connecting consoles, multi-tracks and patch bays which  ...
Hosa HMP Pro Stereo Breakout REAN 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 In TS

From  $12.00ex VAT$12.00inc VAT
This cable is designed to connect an audio device with a mini stereo phone output to pro audio gear with unbalanced phone inputs. It is ideal for connecting a portable media player, laptop, or similar device to a  ...
Hosa 1/4" TS to 3.5mm TRS Cable

From  $4.20ex VAT$4.20inc VAT
The Hosa CMP100 Series cable SUMS Stereo to Mono in one direction, or applies a Mono signal equally to the left and right in the other direction. This Hosa cable is great for sending the stereo  ...
Hosa Interconnect 3.5mm TRS Cables

From  $3.80ex VAT$3.80inc VAT
The CMM-100 series cable from Hosa is designed to interconnect mobile devices with mini stereo phone jacks. It is ideal for use with iPods, laptops, and similar devices. Durability, a pure signal and affordability  ...