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Laney IRT60H Ironheart Guitar Amplifier Head

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Product Description

Producing 60 watts RMS of all ECC83 and 6L6 valve tone, the Laney IRT60H Ironheart Guitar Amplifier Head possess masses of gain and loads of features that make the IRT60H so much more than just a rockin’ metal amp!

Laney IRT60H Ironheart Guitar Amplifier Head Features

  • 60 watts RMS
  • Massive toroidal power supply
  • Variable power output level <1 watt to full power
  • Enhance and Presence controls in power amplifier
  • Footswitchable Variable pre boost on any channel
  • 3 independent footswitchable channels with dedicated EQ
  • Pull to modify EQ switches
  • FX loop with Bypass/Insert/Side Chain options with level control
  • Preamp Out, Power-amp In jacks
  • Laney designed and tuned reverb
  • Internal red illumination

The three channels on the Laney IRT60H give you clean, rhythm and lead all with independent level controls. The Clean and the Rhythm channels share a 3- band EQ with pull-push shift features on each control that gives you total control over your sound allowing you to dial in that killer tone. The IRT60H Lead channel has an independent 3- band EQ with pull-push shift features on each control allowing for some radical lead tones.

The Pre Boost feature works just like kicking in your favorite boost pedal right before your amp. Another standout feature of the IRT60H Ironheart range is the WATTS control in the master section. Combine this with a Dynamics control which tightens up your low end when you're playing a full power and you have a great metal tone at whatever level you decide to play at.

The Laney IRT60H Ironheart Guitar Amplifier Head was created with a custom design and specifically tuned reverb allowing you to add just the right amount of reverb wash over your tone. Adding additional effects via external processors is a breeze. The FX loop on the rear of the IRT60H has a switchable level control meaning you can easily switch your FX loop output level to match the ideal level for your effects gear.

Product Specifications
Laney IRT60H Ironheart Guitar Amplifier Head Specifications

  • Power RMS: 60 Watts RMS
  • Inputs: 1 x Jack
  • Channels: 3, Clean, Rhythm and Lead
  • Equalisation: Bass, Middle and Treble with Pull-Push EQ shift on each
  • Master Presence Control: Overall TONE
  • Boost Switch: Footswitchable PRE BOOST
  • Preamp Valves: 4 x ECC83
  • Output Valves: 2 x 6L6
  • Class: Class AB
  • Reverb: Laney designed Digital reverb
  • Footswitch: FS4-IRT supplied as standard - switches Channel, Clean, Reverb and Pre Boost
  • Speaker connections: 2 jack sockets, 4, 8 or 16 Ohms
  • FX Loop: Yes, variable level FX loop
  • Weight: 16.5Kg Unit Weight (21Kg) Shipping
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 678 x 271 x 288 millimeters
Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  866-632-8346 Warranty:  Amplifiers, speaker enclosures and mixers: 5 Years; Speaker Components: 1 Year (includes speakers, baskets, drivers); Valves/Tubes: 90 Days
The Jazzydex from Butler, Kentucky
Playability and Feel
Laney IRT 60 Revisited
Your general opinion of this product.
I love this head, I would not necessarily say it is a metal head, but certainly can be with the right gear attached to it. Having had this in show situations for about 6 months or more now, it really can get the job done. For bedroom players and small clubs where a good PA is used, you probably won't need more than you get from this, my band however, plays exceptionally loud, and I find myself wishing I had gotten the 120. Our bass player has an 800 Watt rig, so this thing is cranked and I have to listen for it in the monitors, because I can't hear it on stage, that is using 2 4x12 cabs on stage with it. So if you are in a really loud band take the extra 150 and get the 120 watt head.
Would you consider this product to be made well? How dependable?
I bought this from AMS and it shipped from Nevada rather than New Jersey. Excellent head. I simply love the sounds of this amp. Nice covering, great look. I have had it a now for about 6 months and am still exceptionally pleased with the tones I can get out of it.
Playability and Feel
How does it feel, Heavy, Fast, Chunky? How was the neck? Are the controls easy to get to while playing?
Here are a few specs about the "playability" and feel, first the heftiness, fairly heavy but not ungodly at 21KG or 46lbs. The controls are easy to get at, nice knobs, with push pull on Bass, Mid, Treble, for extra boosts. It can be bright and thin or good heavy chunk, you dial it in to your tastes, you can get it. It does have a good deal of gain, in a top 40 band, they say turn down the gain, in a metal band they say can you add some more gain to that. With the added pre-amp selected, the critics in the Metal arena are quieted. A word to the wise, don't switch the tube that uses the pre-amp, it has less gain than other tubes out there and at 1-2 with a Tungsol, it is too dirty to get a good articulate sound and can be muddy. keep the gain down with another brand, and it seems to be just fine. There is only a significant amount of feedback with the wattage knob turned to about 50 watts, use a good noise reducer there, and you will be all good.
Bright and snappy? Dark and smooth? Were the pickups hot, mellow, thick, thin?
The tone is much like I described all ready, it can be just about anything that you want it to be, some knobs seem to make more of an impression the harder you push the amp. Plenty of chunk or plenty of sparkle
How was the action out of the box?
No action on an amp, it would be cool if it did have an action though....
How did the stain or paint job look?
The finish is excellent. Not traditional tolex, seems like a heavy coated textured paint of some kind. I love it, banged it, not a problem. No torn fabric.
How has it stood up over time?
I have played this thing CRANKED, and I do mean, ALL available power, for the last 6 months, not a problem at all keeping up with me. Now, I am ready to get the 120 because this one is going into our practice area where I can use it with my bass players 300 watt amp.
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