Native Instruments Maschine Studio Groove Production Studio

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    Product Description

    With a vast sound library, intuitive controls and visual feedback like never before, the Native Instruments Maschine Studio Groove Production Studio is the flagship beat-maker from NI! Two high-res color screens show waveforms, patterns, scenes, and mixer and meter levels in full detail. Multi-color pads provide ultimate feel in the thick of the beat. Maschine Studio’s pattern-based sequencer and high-performance sampler, exemplary drum synths, suite of effects and instruments deliver ultimate power.

    Maschine Studo Silver

    The included Maschine 2.0 delivers a spectacular, tag-based visual browser, unlimited groups and insert effects, sidechaining, and a sleek, intuitive mixer – all directly accessible from the Maschine Studio. Maschine 2.0 hosts any VST or AU plug-in and perfectly integrates into any studio setup as a plug-in in all major DAWs. The software also boasts full multi-core support for ultra-fast performance.

    Native Instruments Maschine Studio Groove Production Studio Features
    • Two hi-resolution color screens for the fastest, most intuitive workflow for creative, computer-based beat production
    • Highly-sensitive, multi-color pads provide ultimate feel in the thick of the beat
    • Loaded with a vast 8 GB sound library
    • Included are 8627 samples including 445 full drum kits, 388 multi-sampled instruments, 403 sliced loops, 1200 patterns, and 38 projects
    • Five sonically-outstanding drum synths let you dial in an infinite range of custom sound from ultra-realistic acoustic hits to the hardest hitting electronic drums
    • Includes MASCHINE 2.0 software, instruments, and new drum synths
    • 24 pro-quality studio effects
    • Dedicated edit buttons and an ultra-precise jog-wheel let you browse, edit, and arrange faster than you ever thought possible
    • Hi-res color displays allow you to browse plug-ins, edit waveforms to arranging and mixing
    • The left screen gives you a full overview of the sample or slice
    • The right screen shows the section you’re editing in detail
    • Parameter knobs directly under the displays let you tweak straight from the hardware
    • Always shows you the full pattern or scene in the left display. The right display follows recorded events with precision
    • Polish your tracks to perfection with Maschine 2.0’s audio mixer
    • All-new Maschine 2.0 software features improved browsing, arranging, and sampling for the most responsive, fluid, and musical beatmaking experience ever
    • Machine 2.0 mixer and plug-in strip deliver a new paradigm in instant visibility
    • Sonically-outstanding drum synths and powerful effects let you design production-ready sounds with ultimate ease
    • Enjoy ultra-tight integration with KOMPLETE 9 instruments and effects
    • Full versions of MASSIVE, PRISM, SCARBEE MARK I, and SOLID BUS COMP are already on-board
    Maschine Studio’s ultra-fast browsing gives your creativity no time to slow down. Do all your browsing directly on Maschine Studio’s two high-res color screens – any project, group, sound, instrument, effect or sample at your fingertips without ever thinking about the computer.

    Find your sounds fast with Maschine 2.0’s tag-based attribute browser. Load KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects with ultra-clear product icon views from Maschine Studio’S screens. And when you’re head-deep in sound design, Maschine lets you tag your own sounds and samples for lightning-fast retrieval later – fast, complete immersion in your personal sound world.

    The Mixer
    Polish your tracks to perfection with the pro audio mixer in Maschine 2.0. Tweak volume, pan, solo or mute with ultimate ease. See group and individual track levels clearly on meters complete with peak level indicators. Adjust levels on any group of sounds with one knob – simply select the desired channels, then turn the knob under the displays to adjust.

    Maschine 2.0 delivers a new paradigm in signal routing. Unlimited sound groups let you manage even the most demanding projects. Two aux sends per channel let you freely route sounds anywhere in your project. Send them to a simple effect or route them to multiple effect chains across several channels. Best of all, you see plug-ins and insert effects directly on the hardware.

    16 ultra-sensitive pads deliver classic groovebox feel with tons of power on tap. Get full velocity control, pad link, advanced note repeat, plus swing controls for sounds, groups, and the global project. Color-code your sounds and see your entire sonic palette at a glance.

    A clip-based pattern sequencer with full visual feedback means your ideas come together fast. See the full pattern in Maschine’s left display while the right display follows your work with precision detail. Edit patterns, nudge notes, change velocity, and more with 8 display knobs, dedicated edit buttons, and Maschine Studio’s jog wheel without ever looking at a computer screen.

    Native Instruments Maschine Studio’s two high-resolution color displays give you all you need for ultra-accurate sampling. The left screen always gives you a full overview of the sample you’re editing. The right screen shows you the detailed view. Parameter knobs directly under the waveform mean you never break your editing focus by having to look at the computer.

    Sample any source no matter the size – length and number of samples are only limited by your computer’s RAM. Get up to 64 voice polyphony for each sound, plus choke, legato, and glide control. Vintage MPC 60 and SP1200 sampling modes deliver the feel of classic drum machines with all the advantages of modern software. And new 8-point sample interpolation is twice as accurate as MASCHINE 1, delivering incredible sample quality.

    Slice your samples with laser-like precision. Find the flavor that fits you best with four different modes:
    • Detect Mode detects your sample’s transients and creates slices based on sensitivity settings. With automatic zero-point detection, MASCHINE 2.0 positions markers at the point where the sound wave crosses the zero axis so every slice is pop- and click-free.
    • Grid Mode slices your samples according to grid divisions you select. The slices are then cut on the grid itself.
    • Split Mode slices the sample into equal parts. Select from 4, 8, 16 or 32 slices per sample.
    • Manual Mode lets you add slices anywhere in the sample. Set any amount of slice markers per sample – great for easily adding slice markers to an entire song and not just a defined region.
    Maschine makes it easy to demo your slices by automatically assigning each slice to one of Maschine Studio’s 16 high-sensitivity pads. Quickly cycle through them and make adjustments on the fly on 8 display knobs.

    Import REX2 and MPC sample formats or import your personal sample library. Maschine Studio handles it all easily. Get creative with a full toolbox of destructive editing features including truncate, normalize, reverse, cut, copy, paste, fade-in, fade-out, silence, DC correct, and duplicate. Maschine’s acclaimed offline timestretching and pitchbending with automatic beat detection deliver unrivaled sample quality.

    Drum Synth
    Create your own electronic and acoustic drum sounds in truly peerless sound quality. Five monophonic drum plug-ins built exclusively for Maschine 2.0, each with several unique algorithms give you any percussive sound you need. All fully tweakable, automatable from the hardware, and perfectly integrated into Maschine Studio – with the quality that comes from NI’s acclaimed DSP expertise.

    Kick Plug-In
    Each of the kick plug-in’s eight sound engines delivers unique, powerful low end. Three engines are based on classic analog machines made famous over thirty years of electronic music. They deliver sounds fat and punchy to deep and dusty, and everything in between.

    Snare Plug-In
    The snare plug-in features nine different sound engines. Create any imaginable electronic snare – the snare plug-in does thin, harsh, bold, deep, and filtered with equal ease. Acoustic-like sounds are the sonic wonders of this plug-in – recreate not only the sound of real snare drums, but also completely change their character and tuning with the turn of a knob.

    Hi-Hat Plug-In
    Get classic analog hi-hats, digital, robotic sounds from a complex oscillator, or ultra-modern synthesis from Fast Fourier Transform data of analyzed and reconstructed hi-hat samples. This data gives you ultra-powerful synthesis without having to use samples at any stage of sound production. And quick tweaks deliver other percussion possibilities outside the range of simple hi-hat sounds for endless versatility.

    Tom Plug-In
    Three tom engines let you intuitively craft a full set of toms fast. Digital sounds from percussive to bell-like to completely alien. And acoustic sounds so warm and fat you won’t believe they’re not samples. Added control over pitch bend and mute parameters give you a flexible set of sounds that are ultra-intuitive to create.

    Percussion Plug-In
    The percussion plug-in features three sound engines and a world of possibility. Design any additional percussion your project needs from bell-like and metallic to sub-like and twisted with one engine. A second engine is dedicated to shaker and maraca sounds. The third is capable of rich, orchestral timpani sounds ready to add big symphonic percussion to any production.

    Instruments Included
    Maschine Studio comes with four full-version KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, worth over $400 in total. Each KOMPLETE Instrument is perfectly integrated into the Native Instruments Maschine Studio environment, with presets browsable from the hardware and tweakable via the eight display knobs – automatically mapped to that instrument’s parameters.

    MASSIVE (synthesizer)
    The star of the Maschine library – the legendary synthesizer for devastating bass and leads. MASSIVE gives you a total of over 1,300 sounds, all crafted by leading artists and sound designers. Hear it in action

    REAKTOR PRISM (synthesizer)
    A highly playable instrument and effects processor. Perfect for organic soundscapes, percussive keys, flutes, bells, basses and shimmering leads. 370 ready-to-play sounds and 50 FX presets. Hear it in action

    SCARBEE MARK I (electric piano)
    The legendary electric piano of the 1970s, sampled to perfection in all its analog brilliance. Ranges from warm and mellow to bright and 'barking', and can also produce chiming bell-like tones. Hear it in action

    SOLID BUS COMP (effect)
    The perfect tool to glue drum groups or entire mixes together. Powerful, transparent compression for any task – complete with Dry/Wet control and side-chain input. Hear it in action

    Ready to Go Effects
    Get 23 high-quality effects for instant sound enhancement. Classic and Feedback Compressor, Tape and Tube Saturators, a transient designer, reverbs, filters and EQs plus highly creative tools such as Grain-Delay, Ice Verb, Freq Shifter, and more are ready for action.

    Product Specifications
    Native Instruments Maschine Studio Production Studio Specifications
    • System Requirements
      • Windows: Windows 7 or Windows 8 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
      • Mac: Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9 or 10.10 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
      • Native 64-bit support for stand-alone and plug-in versions
      • USB 2.0 Port, 13 GB free disk space for complete installation
    • Dimensions (WxLxH): 17.0 x 13.8 x 2.3 inches
    • Weight: 7.1 lbs
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  1-866-556-6487 Warranty:  1 Year
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    I love it! It's a work horse!!
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    It would have been nice to have a hardcopy manual to accompany the Maschine. The sounds are excellent and the touch pads functional to use. I was expecting other types of outputs e.g.(XLR, Speakon, etc.), but not knowing much about controllers, I suppose everything is in order. Overall, I think I will enjoy this Maschine 2 and use it to produce great music.
    Camran Moeun
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    I love it!!!!
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    Every thing I wanTed and more
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