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95Q Review
By: Funktuition from Seattle Washington      Submitted: 6/30/2012

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General Your general opinion of this product. I needed an auto return function for my wah with my current gig. I've always loved the sound of the Dunlop wah's and their reliability. I'm a huge fan of the Q control as I've always liked a more subtle wah effect, especially on a really clean setting. I do play some songs that require a good fuzz or overdrive and the volume adjustment knob for the boost switch is a great option to have. Clean I never use the volume boost, but with a rich fuzz tone it comes in real handy to not have any volume loss or even a slight boost for leads. Overall I'm very pleased with the options in this wah pedal. There is also an internal trip pot to allow you how much time you want the effect to return to the off position when you let off the pedal. I personally like it off immediately as i switch effects quickly and don't like any time delay.