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Good entry level instrument
By: Guitplyr78 from Utah      Submitted: 4/18/2014

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General Your general opinion of this product. Purchased this guitar from scratch and dent listing - when it arrived I couldn't find any defects or damage to the guitar itself. There were a couple small scratches on the headstock, probably from the factory, someone was careless with stringing it. It is an all laminate construction guitar, feels pretty solid. Action was high on both nut and the saddle, being a personal preference for my style of playing I shaved a bit of material from the bottom of the saddle and lowered nut slots using proper files. It plays like butter now. Plenty of saddle left if further adjustments are needed, I plan on swapping plastic with tusq or bone for both. Just not right now. Under saddle pickup is thin sounding and trebly, with some proper EQ, bit of compression, chorus and a little reverb it sounds pretty decent. Overall I felt I got a pretty good guitar for not a lot of money, primarily I will be using it plugged in (playing at home/open mic/gigging).