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Mic Preamps

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  • Universal Audio Solo 610 Classic Tube Microphone Preamp
    Universal Audio Solo 610 Classic Tube Mic Pre/DI Let Universal Audio's SOLO/610 flatter the cheapest to the most esoteric microphone with its signature sound. The SOLO/610 delivers the classic ...
    Price: $1,199.00
    Save: $369.05 (31%)
    $829.95ex VAT      $829.95inc VAT
  • Universal Audio 6176 Vintage Channel Strip
    The Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip, for the first time, combines Universal Audio's highly acclaimed 610 tube microphone preamp with their legendary 1176LN compressor to create the ultimate single channel ...
    Price: $2,999.00
    Save: $930.00 (31%)
    $2,069.00ex VAT      $2,069.00inc VAT
  • Universal Audio 2 610S Dual Channel Tube Microphone Preamp
    The Universal Audio 2-610 dual channel tube preamp is based on the legendary Universal Audio 610 modular console. Designed by Bill Putnam, the Universal Audio 610 was among the first modular ...
    Price: $2,699.00
    Save: $880.00 (33%)
    $1,819.00ex VAT      $1,819.00inc VAT
  • PreSonus ADL600 Anthony DeMaria Labs Microphone Preamp
    The PreSonus ADL 600 is a high voltage Class A, two channel tube microphone preamplifier designed by world-renown tube circuit designer Anthony DeMaria. The ADL 600 is packed with six high-voltage vacuum tubes ...
    Price: $2,699.95
    Save: $1,000.95 (37%)
    $1,699.00ex VAT      $1,699.00inc VAT
  • Joemeek OneQ2 Microphone Preamp Channel Strip
    The Joemeek OneQ2 Deluxe Mic Preamp Channel Strip provides a master channel like no other. As a single channel combining Mic Pre with Burr-Brown IC, four band EQ, signature Joemeek optical compressor, De-Esser, ...
    Price: $1,199.99
    Save: $530.04 (44%)
    $669.95ex VAT      $669.95inc VAT
  • Focusrite OctoPre MkII Dynamic Microphone Preamp
    Featuring eight channels of Focusrite microphone pre-amplification, the OctoPre MkII Dynamic offers eight VCA-based Red 3-derived compressors with built-in 24-bit/96kHz digital inputs/outputs and built-in ...
    Price: $799.99
    Save: $260.04 (33%)
    $539.95ex VAT      $539.95inc VAT
  • Focusrite OctoPre MkII Microphone Preamp
    The Focusrite OctoPre MkII features eight channels of Focusrite pre-amplification and a built-in 24-bit / 96 kHz ADAT output. Upgrade your Pro Tools system or any digital audio workstation with the powerful ...
    Price: $599.99
    Save: $200.04 (33%)
    $399.95ex VAT      $399.95inc VAT
  • DBX 386 Dual Tube Microphone Preamp
    The dbx 386 Silver Series dual channel tube mic preamp puts the best of both worlds into one affordable package by combining the warmth of the vacuum tube with dbx Type IV digital conversion. The ...
    Price: $649.95
    Save: $270.00 (42%)
    $379.95ex VAT      $379.95inc VAT
  • Behringer MIC800 Microphone Modeling Preamp-Used
    Tubes can really warm up a signal fast, giving it depth and character. Thanks to digital VTC technology, the MIC800 emulates the tube warmth of a variety of tube mic preamps, all in one feather-light ...
    Price: $104.99
    Save: $55.04 (52%)
    $49.95ex VAT      $49.95inc VAT
  • Avalon VT737SP Class A Tube Channel Strip
    The Avalon VT737SP features a combination of TUBE preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep EQ, output level and VU metering. VT737SP's preamp provides a 48V phantom powered input, an Instrument DI and a ...
    Price: $2,750.00
    Save: $701.00 (25%)
    $2,049.00ex VAT      $2,049.00inc VAT
  • ART DPS II Preamp System with Dual Tube Mic Preamps
    The DPS II updates the latest ART advances in Tube Microphone Preamps. The DPS II adds continously variable input impedance, LED input meters, auto mic/instrument switching, OPL™ (Output Protection Limiting) ...
    Price: $329.00
    Save: $139.05 (42%)
    $189.95ex VAT      $189.95inc VAT
  • Aphex J Pre 500 Microphone Preamp 500 Series Module
    The Aphex J Pre 500 Microphone Preamp 500 Series Module spawns from the flagship Aphex 1788A version that is used both live and in studios. The renowned Jensen JT11K8 nickel input transformer is ...
    Price: $749.00
    Save: $279.05 (37%)
    $469.95ex VAT      $469.95inc VAT