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PA Speaker Accessories

Peavey Black Widow Low Rider Subwoofer Speaker

From  $214.39ex VAT$214.39inc VAT
The new Low Rider 18' driver is a milestone in high-power subwoofer design. An incredible 1,600 Watt program rating and extra-long cone excursion add up to amazing new levels of clean, deep bass. The Low Rider 18  ...
Eminence Kilomax Pro 18A - 18" Replacement PA Speaker

From  $299.97ex VAT$299.97inc VAT
3 Payments of $99.99
Designed for high power applications in main PA systems and sub-woofers, the Eminence Kilomax 18A Subwoofer Speaker is sure to rattle the walls in any venue. A massive 109 oz. cast frame magnet  ...
Eminence Omega Pro 18A - 18" Replacement PA Speaker

From  $209.95ex VAT$209.95inc VAT
Eminence Omega speakers are built for all high power bass applications. Omega Pro Series drivers are by far Eminence’s most widely used high power drivers. All Omega Pro Series drivers feature huge  ...
Peavey 22XT Plus Replacement Diaphragm Kit

From  $46.39ex VAT$46.39inc VAT
Replacement diaphragm kit for 22XT driver. Dimensions Weight: .25 lbs. Width: 4.75 inches Depth: 2 inches Height: 4.875  ...
Peavey CDRX22 RX22 Compression Driver

From  $100.79ex VAT$100.79inc VAT
Peavey CD RX22 22 compression driver for all Peavey CH horns with a 1-inch throat. Peavey CDRX22 Features and Specifications Patented titanium compression driver with 1 inch throat diameter  ...
Peavey CDRX22DK RX22 Diaphragm Kit

From  $47.95ex VAT$47.95inc VAT
The Peavey CDRX22DK RX22 Diaphragm Kit is a replacement diaphragm kit for the RX 22  ...
On Stage SS7914B Wall Mount Speaker Bracket

From  $59.95ex VAT$59.95inc VAT
On Stage SS7914B Wall Mount Speaker Bracketa are designed to use on the walls at nightclubs, recording studios, home multi-media rooms, schools or just about anywhere! With the included adapter  ...
On Stage SSA20M M20 Speaker Mount Adapter

From  $5.95ex VAT$5.95inc VAT
The On Stage SSA20M M20 Speaker Mount Adapter is a replacement adapter for your subwoofer mounting poles. The M20 threading has a much more solid hold than the original 1.375 inch sockets. This is  ...
Samson RB2030 Expedition Rechargeable Battery

From  $69.95ex VAT$69.95inc VAT
RB2030 rechargeable battery kit is for high quality sound anywhere electricity is not available - from the street to the beach, from parks to pool-side. Use with Expedition, Expedition Pro and Expedition  ...
Electro Voice ZLX15CVR Padded Cover For ZLX-15

From  $59.99ex VAT$59.99inc VAT
The Electro Voice ZLX15CVR Padded Cover For ZLX-15 is a must have for any owner of the ZLX-15 or ZLX-15P speakers! This highly durable cover is designed specifically for those speakers and will  ...
QSC K12 Tote Speaker Bag

From  $79.99ex VAT$79.99inc VAT
The weather resistant QSC K12 bag is a soft, padded tote made with heavy-duty Nylon/Cordura material. Keep your speakers looking their best when you are transporting them to your  ...
QSC KW Series Speaker Covers

From  $69.99ex VAT$69.99inc VAT
The QSC KW series speaker covers protect your valuable PA speakers from the elements and roadies. Keep them looking brand new with these soft covers which are weather resistant and made with a  ...
On Stage SS7730 Tripod Speaker Stand

From  $43.95ex VAT$43.95inc VAT
The On Stage SS7730 is the new classic speaker stand! The steel-aluminum design on this affordable speaker stand make it both light weight and durable. Use either the 1 3/8 inch diameter upper shaft  ...
On Stage LS/SS7770 Universal Lighting/Speaker Stand

From  $89.95ex VAT$89.95inc VAT
The On Stage LS/SS7770 Universal Lighting/Speaker Stand is a rugged stand which can be used for Lighting systems or Speakers! This 3-shaft, 2-clutch design allows for maximum height adjustments up  ...
World Tour SSP8 Speaker Stands with Bag Pair

From  $59.95ex VAT$59.95inc VAT
The SSP8 are an all-aluminum, height adjustable speaker stands that holds your speakers securely so your audience can enjoy your music. Additional features are tension height adjustment knob and a locking pin for  ...