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Zoom APH-6 Accessory Pack for H6 Digital Recorder

From  $59.99ex VAT$59.99inc VAT
The Zoom APH-6 Accessory Pack for H6 Digital Recorder is a must have for any owner of the incredible Zoom H6! With a professional windscreen, wired remote control for enhanced control, AC power  ...
Zoom APQ2HD Accessory Package for Q2HD

From  $39.99ex VAT$39.99inc VAT
Get all the accessories you need for your Zoom Q2HD Handy Digital Video Recorder with this excellent pack of must have accessories. Organized in a convenient package specifically for the Q2HD, the Zoom APQ2HD  ...
Zoom EXH-6 Dual XLR-TRS Input Capsule for H6 Recorder

From  $69.99ex VAT$69.99inc VAT
The Zoom EXH-6 Dual XLR-TRS Input Capsule for H6 Recorder provides additional inputs for your Zoom H6 digital recorder! The EXH-6 allows you to connect up to six discrete signals from external  ...
Auralex 2" Studiofoam Wedgies 1' x 1', Charcoal Gray - Single

From  $4.95ex VAT$4.95inc VAT
Auralex Studiofoam Absorbers reduce uncontrolled ambience and allow your ears and microphone to hear only the source, not what's bouncing off the walls and ceiling of your room! Uncontrolled reflected sound is  ...
CAD AS32 AcoustiShield 32 Acoustic Microphone Enclosure

From  $109.95ex VAT$109.95inc VAT
The CAD AS32 AcoustiShield 32 Acoustic Microphone Enclosure reduces reflections, echo and attenuates unwanted environmental acoustic interference. Constructed from a high quality 16 gauge  ...
SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Ambience Control

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Ambience Control

Improves every recording you make without the expense of acoustically treating a room!

From  $269.95ex VAT$269.95inc VAT
3 EZ Payments of $99.67
The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter is a great way to take out problem ambience with out all the expense of acoustically treating a room. The Reflexion Filter envelopes the rear of the microphone to produce a  ...
Ebtech HE2XLR Hum Eliminator

From  $85.95ex VAT$85.95inc VAT
The Ebtech Hum Eliminator XLR breaks the ground loops that cause AC hum, quickly and easily. Just plug the HE-2 XLR in between the offending pieces of equipment and you’re done. No signal  ...
Hosa CAIG DeoxIT GOLD Contact Enhancer

From  $18.95ex VAT$18.95inc VAT
Enhance, condition, and protect your new metal connectors and contacts with CAIG DeoxIT . You can use DeoxIT Gold to dissolve a small amount of oxidation, though it only has .5% cleaning action -  ...
Phonic PAA6 Audio Analyzer with Color Touch Screen

From  $999.99ex VAT$999.99inc VAT
8 EZ Payments of $125.00
The PAA6 two channel audio analyzer is powerful professional analyzer that meest the requirements of audio engineers. All functions and menus are easily accessed through a 480 x 272 color touch-screen  ...
Behringer Ultrapatch Pro PX3000 Patchbay

From  $71.95ex VAT$71.95inc VAT
The Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro is a 3-mode, multi-functional 48-point balanced patchbay with fully balanced, high-quality 1/4' TRS connectors. It certainly will be a welcome addition to every studio. Its  ...
On Stage Stands 12 Space Metal Rack Stand with Rack Screws

From  $29.95ex VAT$29.95inc VAT
The On Stage Rack Stand is so convenient it can be placed just about anywhere, on stage, in the studio, even atop a cabinet, amp or rack. Guitarists will love having effects at their fingertips instead  ...
Raxxess ER1216 Sloped Studio Rack with Casters

From  $219.95ex VAT$219.95inc VAT
The Raxxess ER1216 Sloped Studio Rack is an economy rack constructed with heavy duty 3/4-inch medium density fiberboard and attractively finished with a black oak laminate. It is shipped knocked  ...
Raxxess Economy Rack Studio Rack

From  $79.95ex VAT$79.95inc VAT
The Raxxess Economy Rack Studio Racks are 16 inches deep and provide a very economical yet attractive means for rack mounting audio gear in studios, churches or other venues. The simplest of  ...