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Washburn Guitars

Washburn R314K 125th Anniversary Parlor Acoustic Guitar with Case

From  $399.00ex VAT$399.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $133.00
The Washburn R314K Acoustic Guitar has been released in celebration of Washburn’s 125th anniversary in 2008. This is one killer re-issue parlor guitar! This collector’s piece has been lovingly created  ...
Washburn WSD5240 Warren Haynes Acoustic Guitar w/Case

From  $599.00ex VAT$599.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $199.67
Warren Haynes is known for his extremely tasty and heartfelt playing and is very particular about his tone. Washburn designed the WSD5240S acoustic guitar on the original Washburn Solo Deluxe from  ...
Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Acoustic Guitar Package

From  $175.00ex VAT$175.00inc VAT
The Ultimate Travel Guitar! Play the Rover any time or any place. Now you can easily bring your guitar with you when you're... on a plane, a boat, a car, the beach, camping, hiking... Anywhere!  ...
Washburn WCG25SCE Comfort Series Acoustic Electric Guitar

From  $649.00ex VAT$649.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $216.34
Featuring a comfortable body plus great looks and ergonomics, the Washburn WCG25SCE is the ultimate player-friendly guitar. The Grand Auditorium body shape has a unique belly and top carves which  ...
Washburn WD20SCE Acoustic Electric Guitar

From  $349.00ex VAT$349.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $116.34
The solid spruce top provides the ultimate sound board for projection, clarity, and resonance- lending itself to all styles of music and playing from strumming to fingerpicking. A single  ...
Washburn C104SCE Classical Acoustic Electric Guitar

From  $319.00ex VAT$319.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $106.34
The Washburn C104SCE Acousitc Electric Classical was meticulously designed to provide comfortable, easy playing for all styles. The C104 now comes standard with the B Band A3 preamp. Featuring a solid  ...
Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB40 Electric Bass Guitar

From  $399.00ex VAT$399.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $133.00
In an effort to provide bassists with the best value for their money, Washburn teamed up with Stu Hamm to design what he feels is the perfect bass guitar, the Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB40 .  ...
Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB60 Electric Bass Guitar

From  $599.00ex VAT$599.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $199.67
Washburn teamed up with Stu Hamm to provide bassists with the best value for their money possible, and to create in Stu’s estimations, the perfect bass guitar. One of the models they ended up with was the  ...
Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHBH1 Electric Bass Guitar w/Case

From  $1,799.00ex VAT$1,799.00inc VAT
5 Payments of $359.80
Washburn has been working with Stu Hamm, to create in his estimation, the perfect electric bass guitar. These bass guitars are designed to give bassists the best value for their money. One of the basses produced  ...
Washburn B6 6-String Banjo

From  $299.00ex VAT$299.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $99.67
Built for the guitarist who wants the sound of a banjo with the playability of a guitar! The Washburn B6 is an open back 6 string banjo which is tuned the same as guitar, it features a mahogany rim, mahogany neck  ...
Washburn M117SWK Double Cut Mandolin with Case

From  $749.00ex VAT$749.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $249.67
For players looking to stand out from the crowd, the Washburn M117SWK is the perfect performance and road ready mandolin. With its distressed look, the M117SW has a broken in and well played feel. Only premium  ...
Washburn B10 5-String Banjo

From  $299.00ex VAT$299.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $99.67
The Washburn B10 is a 5 string banjo with a mahogany resonator for increased volume and projection. It features a mahogany neck topped with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard featuring unique deluxe pearl inlays and  ...
Washburn PX-Solar160 Ola Englund Signature Electric Guitar

From  $599.00ex VAT$599.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $199.67
The PX-Solar Series is the signature line of Swedish guitarist and producer Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared, former Six Feet Under...). PX-Solar guitars feature full access neck joints, alder bodies and ebony  ...
Washburn PXL200 Parallaxe Electric Guitar

From  $549.00ex VAT$549.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $183.00
With classic looks, fast feel and dynamic, versatile tone, the PXL200 Parallaxe guitar from Washburn is the ideal choice for rockers and shredders who need an axe that can do it all! Washburn utilized their 130  ...
Washburn PXS10EDLX Parallaxe Electric Guitar

From  $849.00ex VAT$849.00inc VAT
3 Payments of $283.00
The PXS10EDLX Parallaxe from Washburn is designed specifically for modern chops intensive shredders. No corners have been cut, no compromises have been made in design or features; it is the perfect shred  ...