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Shure Wireless Systems

A Shure wireless microphone system is the easiest way to true untethered performance. With traditional handheld, headset, or lavalier options for vocals, in addition to plug-in guitar and clip-on instrument models, you're free to explore the venue space. Shure's wireless in-ear systems mean that you and your bandmates will be able to hear and monitor all elements of your performance with total clarity, freeing up the sound in the space to reach who really needs to hear it – the audience! With AMS expanded 0% payment plans, getting into a quality, flexible Shure wireless system and freeing up your music experience is easy. You are Pre-Approved for 3-payments on every single Shure wireless system that we carry!

Shure Classic Microphones

Shure microphones are tried-and-true gold standards and a symbol of on-stage performance and studio excellence in live venues and recording outfits that bring us music from artists of all ages, talents, and cultures. Models from the SM and Beta lines provide an unmistakable sound, consistent reliability and unparalleled durability, a trademark of Shure microphones ever since they were introduced over eighty years ago. Whether you're in need of one trusty mic or need to outfit an entire group, our 0% payment plans at AMS make it convenient and hassle-free, with automatic Pre-Approval on 3-pay up from $89 - $1,500! Anywhere you need to speak loud and clear, be sure to reach for one of these Shure classics.

Shure Modern Microphones

Always striving to advance recording and live sound technology, Shure has continued to innovate and further highlight the unique excellence of each individual voice. With the KSM-series condenser, cardioid, and ribbon microphones along with the wide-reaching PGA line, you're unleashing incredibly powerful recording tools that are built to support the foundation of your sound and bring out the most important details. No matter your style of singing and no matter what instrument you play, these new Shure modern microphones will take your creativity to the next level!